Designing and Building with UHPFRC

State-of-the-Art and Development

Designing and Building with UHPFRC

Edited by

François Toutlemonde, IFSTTAR, Paris, France
Jacques Resplendino, Direction Inter-départementale des Routes Méditerranée Marseille, France

ISBN : 9781848212718

Publication Date : January 2011

Hardcover 848 pp

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This book contains the proceedings of the international workshop “Designing and Building with Ultra-High Performance Fibre-Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC): State of the Art and Development”, organized by AFGC, the French Association for Civil Engineering and French branch of fib, in Marseille (France), November 17-18, 2009. This workshop was focused on the experience of a lot of recent UHPFRC realizations.

Through more than 50 papers, this book details the experience of many countries in UHPFRC construction and design, including projects from Japan, Germany, Australia, Austria, USA, Denmark, the Netherlands, Canada… and France. The projects are categorized as novel architectural solutions, new frontiers for bridges, new equipments and structural components, and extending the service life of structures. The last part presents major research results, durability and sustainability aspects, and the updated AFGC Recommendations on UHPFRC.


Part 1. Genesis of a New Construction Material
1. Introduction: What is a UHPFRC?, Jacques Resplendino.
2. UHPFRC: Science-driven Material Engineering Can Provide Sustainable Solutions, Paul Acker and Franz-Josef Ulm.
3. UHPFRC Development: Review of a Determining Application, Gérard Birelli.
4. UHPFRC Development: Experience with Ductal® Over the Past Two Decades, Jean-François Batoz and Mouloud Behloul.
5. UHPFRC Development: The Experience of BSI® Applications, Thierry Thibaux.
Part 2. Novel Architectural Solutions
6. The Enrico Navarra Gallery, Rudy Ricciotti, Romain Ricciotti and Patrick Mazzacane.
7. UHPFRC – A Material for Perforated Panels and Lattice Work: Controlling Shrinkage in Order to Experiment with Various Shapes, Dominique Stoeux, Jean-François Batoz, Laurence Jacques and Louis Guingot.
8. The Jean Bouin Stadium, Rudy Ricciotti, Guillaume Lamoureux and Romain Ricciotti.
Part 3. New Frontiers for Bridges
9. The Passerelle des Anges Footbridge, Patrick Mazzacane, Romain Ricciotti and François Teply.
10. Gärtnerplatz – Bridge over River Fulda in Kassel: Multispan Hybrid UHPC-Steel Bridge, Ekkehard Fehling, Kai Bunje and Michael Schmidt.
11. Construction of the PS34 UHPFRC Bridge, Olivier Delauzun, Damien Rogat, Laurent Boutillon, Lionel Linger and Christian Clergue.
12. The Innovation and Application of UHPFRC Bridges in Japan, Yoshihiro Tanaka, Koichi Maekawa, Yutaka Kameyama, Akio Ohtake, Hiroyuki Musha and Norio Watanabe.
13. Perspective on UHPCs from a Specialist Construction Company, Mark Rebentrost and Gavin Wight.
14. Road Bridge “Wild”: Application of the UHPFRC Precast Segmental Construction Method for an Arch Structure, Michael Reichel, Bernhard Freytag and Lutz Sparowitz.
15. UHPC in the US Highway Infrastructure, Benjamin Graybeal.
16. ITE® Beams, a Cost-effective Enduring Alternative to Filler-beam Decks, Ziad Hajar, Marco Novarin, Alain Simon, Thierry Thibaux, Sandrine Chanut and René-Gérard Sale.
17. UHPFRC Waffle Deck Concept for a Bridge at Livron-Loriol, Ferry Tavakoli, Sébastien Bouteille and François Toutlemonde.
18. UHPFRC Prototype for a Flexible Modular Temporary High-speed Railway Bridge, Michael Reichel, Guido Altersberger and Lutz Sparowitz.
19. Effective use of UHPC for Deep Foundation Piles, Sri Sritharan, Tom Vande Voort and Muhannad Suleiman.
20. Design of Prestressed UHPFRC Girder Bridges According to Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code, Husham Almansour and Zoubir Lounis.
Part 4. New Equipments and Structural Components
21. CRC: Precast Applications of UHPFRC, Bendt Aarup.
22. Contribution of UHPFRCs in the Treatment of Thermal Bridges, Thierry Burckel, Laurence Jacques, Alain Birault, Laurent Heintz, Jacques Daliphard and Mouloud Behloul.
23. UHPFRC Sunshades: An Elegant Solution for Regulating Heat Input in Buildings, Laurence Jacques, Yves Fournier, Jean-Yves Jousselin and Jean-François Batoz.
24. Investigation of UHPFRC Slabs under Blast Loads, Mark Rebentrost and Gavin Wight.
25. Experience with Prefabricated UHPFRC in the Netherlands, Steffen Grünewald, Rik Weyns and Jan Dekkers.
26. Precast Bridge Parapets in Ultra High Performance Fiber-reinforced Concrete, Jean-Philippe Charron, Eric Niamba and Bruno Massicotte.
27. Using UHPFRC for Complex Facade Elements, René Suter, Lionel Moreillon, Christian Clergue and Roger Racordon.
28. Innovative Field Cast UHPC Joints for Precast Bridge Decks. Design, Prototype Testing and Projects, Vic Perry and Gary Weiss.
29. The High Performance Cementitious Material (HPCM), a Cousin of UHPFRC for Long-life Pavement, François de Larrard.
30. Performance of UHPC Crossarms for High-voltage Transmission Lines, Raafat El-Hacha, Hani Abdelazeem and Ignacio Cariaga.
31. Structural Evaluation of Hybrid FRP-UHPC Bridge Girders, Ayman Elmahdy, Raafat El-Hacha, Nigel Shrive and Vic Perry.
32. Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations (MuCEM): The Owner’s Ambition, Gérard Gazon.
33. Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations (MuCEM): High UHPFRC Content Structure Design, Rudy Ricciotti, Jacques Portelatine and Florence Nicolas.
34. Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations (MuCEM): Experimentation and Modeling of Straight and Y-shaped UHPFRC Prestressed Columns Under the Action of an Off-centered Vertical Load, Philippe Rivillon, Jacques Portelatine and Florence Nicolas.
Part 5. Extending the Life of Structures
35. Seismic Retrofitting of Bridge Piers with UHPFRC Jackets, Bruno Massicotte and Guillaume Boucher-Proulx.
36. Application of Ultra-high-strength Fiber-reinforced Concrete for Irrigation Channel Repair Works, Tsuyoshi Ono.
37. Using UHPFRC for Structural Reinforcement of Buildings and Civil Works, Thierry Thibaux.
Part 6. Major Research Results
38. Ultra High Performance Concrete for Prestressed Elements. Interest of Creep Prediction, Philippe Francisco, Farid Benboudjema, Patrick Rougeau and Jean-Michel Torrenti.
39. Rheology of Fiber-reinforced Cementitious Materials: Basic Concepts and Application to UHPFRC, Laëtitia Martinie, Pierre Rossi and Nicolas Roussel.
40. Behavior of UHPFRC at High Temperatures, Pierre Pimienta, Jean-Christophe Mindeguia, Alain Simon and Mouloud Behloul.
41. Ant Colony Optimization for Ultra High Performance Concrete Structures, Martin Flint, Steffen Grünewald and Jeroen Coenders.
42. Investigation of Biaxial Stress States of UHPC Bridge Girders through Small Panel Testing and Finite Element Analysis, Kacie D’Alessandro, Carin Roberts-Wollmann, Thomas Cousins and Elisa Sotelino.
43. An Overview of Research Advances from 2002 Concerning UHPFRC, in View of Updating the AFGC Recommendations, François Toutlemonde, Bernard Fouré, Luca Sorelli, Florent Baby, Pierre Marchand and Franz Josef Ulm.
Part 7. Durability and Sustainability
44. An Example of UHPFRC Recycling, Thierry Sedran, Cédric Durand and François de Larrard.
45. Ultra High Performance Concrete and its Contribution to Sustainable Development, Jean-François Batoz and Mathieu Rivallain.
46. Field Experience of UHPFRC Durability in an Air Cooling Tower, François Toutlemonde, Myriam Carcasses and Maxime Lion.
Part 8. Updated AFGC Recommendations
47. Ultra High Performance Concrete: New AFGC Recommendations, Jacques Resplendino.
48. New AFGC Recommendations on UHPFRC: Chapter 1 – Mechanical Characteristics and Behavior of UHPFRC, Alain Simon.
49. New AFGC Recommendations on UHPFRC: Chapter 2 – Design, Pierre Marchand.
50. New AFGC Recommendations on UHPFRC: Chapter 3 – Durability, Myriam Carcasses.
51. Ultra High Performance Concrete and Sustainable Development: Synthesis of Available Data, Pierre Marchand.