From Speech Physiology to Linguistic Phonetics

From Speech Physiology to Linguistic Phonetics

Alain Marchal, CNRS, University of Provence, France

ISBN : 9781848211131

Publication Date : June 2009

Hardcover 240 pp

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Communicating by speech is one of the most seemingly-natural activities for humans. However, despite its apparent obviousness and ease, speech production is a very complex task with multiple levels of organization transforming cognitive intent into a meaningful sequence of sounds.

This book aims to establish a bridge between the physiology of speech and linguistics. It provides a detailed account of the speech production processes and indicates how various languages of the world make use of human anthropophonic capacities. Numerous images are included to enhance the reader’s understanding. It also offers new insights into ways to unify articulatory-based phonetics and phonology, making it essential reading matter for anyone involved in this field.


1. Respiration and pulmonary initiation.
2. Phonation and the larynx.
3. Articulation: pharynx and mouth.
4. Articulation: the labio-mandibular system.
5. Elements of an articulatory typology.
6. The articulatory description of vowels and consonants.
7. Coarticulation and co-production.

About the authors/editors

Alain Marchal is a senior scientist in Linguistics and Phonetics at the French National Research Center (CNRS). He conducts interdisciplinary research work on speech production with a special focus on cross-language aspects of coarticulation in a number of European languages, using multisensor recording techniques, including electropalatography.

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