Micromechanics of Failure in Granular Geomaterials

Micromechanics of Failure in Granular Geomaterials

Edited by

François Nicot, CEMAGREF, Grenoble, France.
Richard Wan, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

ISBN : 9781848211285

Publication Date : November 2009

Hardcover 368 pp

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This book is a treatise that brings together some of the latest international research and advances in the failure of granular geomaterials within a micromechanical approach. It provides a view of the current scientific community on this topic, putting forward relevant methods and efficient tools for analysis. The chapters includes either phenomenological contributions enriched with micromechanical ingredients, or purely micromechanical investigations. Various failure modes that are encountered in geomaterials and their implications in engineering applications are discussed throughout the chapters. The case of porous frictional materials with or without a fluid phase is considered together with the basic roles of the sliding and opening of contacts as a failure mechanism. The influence of grain crushing as a plausible mechanism under a variety of stress conditions and grain topologies is also addressed. Finally, fracture in continuous materials containing grain inclusions is dealt within the context of damage theory.


1. Controllability of Geotechnical Tests and their Relationship to the Instabilities of Soils, R. Nova.
2. Multiscale Analysis of Failure, F. Nicot and F. Darve.
3. Continuous and Discrete Modeling of Failure in Geomaterials, F. Darve, L. Sibille, F. Prunier, F. Nicot.
4. Failure Analysis using an Elastoplastic Micromechanical Model, R. Wan, P. Guo, M. Pinheiro, Q. Li.
5. Damage of Geomaterials: Induced Anisotropy and Coupling with Plasticity, D. Kondo, V. Monchiet and Q. Zhu.
6. Continuous Damage Modeling and Discrete Approaches to Failure, G. Pijaudier-Cabot.
7. Effect of Particle Breakage on the Behavior of Granular Materials, B. Cambou, E. Vincens and C. Nouguier-Lehon.
8. Mechanical Behavior of Granular Materials with Soft Grains, I.O. Georgopoulos, I. Vardoulakis.
9. Capillary Cohesion of Wet Granular Media, S. El Youssoufi Moulay, F. Radjaï, V. Richefeu and F. Soulié.
10. Numerical Modeling of Failure Mechanisms, J.A. Fernández Merodo, P. Mira, M. Pastor, L. Tonni.

About the authors/editors

Dr. François Nicot is researcher at CEMAGREF, Grenoble, France. His contributions mainly concern the mechanical behavior of granular geomaterials, with special emphasis on failure description and micromechanical issues.

Prof. Richard Wan is from the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His research contributions are in numerical and constitutive modeling of geomaterials, experimental mechanics and biomedical engineering.