Application Integration


Application Integration

Bernard Manouvrier, Consultant
Laurent Ménard, Consultant

ISBN : 9781848210882

Publication Date : June 2008

Hardcover 240 pp

107.00 USD



Application integration assembles methods and tools for organizing exchanges between applications, and intra- and inter-enterprise business processes. A strategic tool for enterprises, it introduces genuine reactivity into information systems facing business changes, and as a result, provides a significant edge in optimizing costs.

This book analyzes various aspects of application integration, providing a guide to the alphabet soup behind EAI, A2A, B2B, BAM, BPM, ESB and SOA. It addresses the problems of choosing between the application integration solutions and deploying them successfully. It supplies guidelines for avoiding common errors, exploring the differences between received wisdom and the facts on the ground. The overview of IT urbanization will help introduce English-speaking audiences to a powerful approach to information system flexibility developed in France. A key chapter approaches the analysis and interoperation of service levels in integration projects, while the discussion on deployment methodologies and ROI calculation anchors the theory in the real world.

Application Integration: EAI, B2B, BPM and SOA relies on concrete examples and genuine experiences to demonstrate what works – and what doesn’t – in this challenging, topical and important IT domain.


1. Introduction.
2. What is application integration?
3. Levels in integration services.
4. Types of integration projects.
5. Application integration tools.
6. Understanding integration failures.
7. Integration myths.
8. Integration and IT urbanization.
9. Chooisng an application integration solution.
10. Deployment methodology.
11. Operational examples of implementation

About the authors/editors

Bernard Manouvrier is Chief Architect for a software publisher specializing in application integration and has a background in client services management at a number of businesses.

Laurent Ménard pilots consulting missions, implementing large-scale application integration projects. He has also managed the design and development of application integration software for an international corporation where he is currently serving as Vice-President in charge of advanced programs.