Patients, Caregivers and Doctors

Devices, Issues and Representations

Volume 1 - Communication and Health Set by Laurence Corroy

Patients, Caregivers and Doctors

Edited by

Laurence Corroy, CREM, France
Christelle Chauzal-Larguier, University of Clermont Auvergne, France

ISBN : 9781786308931

Publication Date : July 2023

Hardcover 250 pp

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This book studies the way chronic and long-term illnesses are represented in media, and the issues and structures associated with them. It also examines the way in which patients define themselves, the relationships they form with their carers and the experiences of these carers themselves.

The way in which the figure of the caregiver can be portrayed as a necessary support for the patient is also discussed. Testimonies from digital platforms, fictional universes, examples from everyday life and from public and private organizations provide insight into the relationships between patients, caregivers and carers.


Part 1. Stakes and Opportunities of Digital and Playful Devices for Patients, Caregivers and Care Providers.
1. The Use of Games as an Innovative Prevention Method for Discussing Work with Hospital Healthcare Staff, Julie Pavillet and Aurélia Dumas.
2. The Digital Space as a Resource for Accessing an Alternative Discourse of Caregivers on Caregiving, Nathalie Garric and Frédéric Pugnière-Saavedra.
3. Co-design with Patients with Chronic Diseases for Information and Training Materials Related to Connected Implants, Ambre Davat and Fabienne Martin-Juchat.
4. Institutional Communication in Healthcare Organizations as a Marker of Patient Orientation: The Case of Institutional Websites, Corinne Rochette and Emna Cherif.
5. Digital Communication and Merchandising for Caregivers: The Case of Thermal Baths, Christelle Chauzal-Larguier and Alexis Meyer.

Part 2. Narrative Medicine and Patient and Caregiver Hermeneutics.
6. When the Doctor Becomes a Patient: The Relationship Between the Caregiver and the Breast Cancer Patient in Demain nous appartient, Laurence Corroy and Emilie Roche.
7. Taming Cancer. Affected Bodies, Mirrored Emotions and Challenges for Patients and Their Loved Ones, Anne Vega and Ibtissem Ben Dridi.
8. About Long Illnesses. Family Caregivers: Actors and Producers of Care and Health. The Case of Algeria, Aicha Benabed.
9. Affective Dynamics of Caregivers to Those with Alzheimer’s and Resilience. Self-(re)Construction through Two Devices: A Digital Platform and a Biographical Interview, Abdelhadi Bellachhab, Olga Galatanu and Valérie Rochaix.
10. Co-constructing a Territory that Provides Assistance, André Simonnet, Julia Gudefin and Maya Chabane.

About the authors/editors

Laurence Corroy is a professor at CREM, France. Her work focuses on media and health education.

Christelle Chauzal-Larguier is a lecturer in Management Sciences at Université Clermont Auvergne, France, in the Communication and Societies laboratory. Her work focuses on corporate communication and CSR.