Biocontrol of Plant Disease

Recent Advances and Prospects in Plant Protection

SCIENCES - Environment, Natural or Anthropogenic Pressures

Biocontrol of Plant Disease

Edited by

Claire Prigent-Combaret, University of Lyon 1, France.
Bernard Dumas, LRSV CNRS – Toulouse University, France.

ISBN : 9781789450989

Publication Date : January 2023

Hardcover 282 pp

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Faced with climate changes, pest pressure on plants is increasing and new pest complexes are appearing, for which plant protection solutions are not yet available. The reduction of anthropic pressure on agro-ecosystems requires a reduction in the use of chemical inputs and the promotion of biocontrol approaches.

In this book, we present new advances on plant disease management that are emerging from research outputs. The ability of biocontrol products to directly (e.g. production of antimicrobial peptides or quorum quenching activities by microorganisms, use of plant or agro-industrial by-products as biopesticides, etc.) or indirectly (e.g. via the increase of plant defense or plant growth pathways) protect plants against pathogens and pests is also considered.

We also address new strategies like the development of phage-based biocontrol products and those that consider the plant as a holobiont and plant microbiota as targets of biocontrol treatments. The important question of the current regulatory process needed to launch plant production products on the market is also addressed, such as methods to evaluate their environmental impact.


1. Regulatory Aspects of Biocontrol, Diane Robin, Léa Merlet, Patrice Marchand.
2. Biological Controls in Horticulture, Nicolas Guibert, Maïder Saint Jean, Claire Prigent-Combaret, Jean-Marc Deogratias, Cécile Cabasson and Pierre Pétriacq.
3. Development of Omics Tools for the Assessments of the Environmental Fate and Impact of Biocontrol Agents, Hikmat Ghosson, Marie-Virginie Salvia and Cédric Bertrand.
4. Plant Secondary Metabolites Mode of Action in the Control of Root-Knot Nematodes, Nikoletta Ntalli and Pierluigi Caboni.
5. Agro-industrial By-products and Waste as Sources of Biopesticides, Marie Fe Andres and Azucena Gonzalez Coloma.
6. Antimicrobial and Defense Elicitor Peptides as Biopesticides for Plant Disease Control, Emilio Montesinos, Esther Badosa, Maria Pla, Laura Montesinos and Anna Bonaterra.
7. Biocontrol of Plant Pathogens via Quorum Quenching, Denis Faure and Xavier Latour.
8. Phage-mediated Biocontrol Against Plant Pathogenic Bacteria, Fernando Clavijo-Coppens, Clara Torres-Barcelo, Mireille Ansaldi, Nicolas Taveau and Denis Costechareyre.
9. Microbiome-assisted Agriculture: Current Knowledge and Future Directions, Ke Yu, Hongwei Liu, Wei Zhong and Ioannis A. Stringlis.

About the authors/editors

Claire Prigent-Combaret is a CNRS scientist working on the ecological and molecular mechanisms of plant growth promotion and plant disease control by root-associated bacteria. She is the head of the Rhizosphere group in the Microbial Ecology Laboratory at University of Lyon 1, France.

Bernard Dumas is a CNRS scientist working on plant immunity and microbial effectors. He is director of the Plant Science Laboratory (LRSV CNRS – Toulouse University, France) and coordinator of the BioPlantProducts laboratory, whose objective is to develop natural products for plant protection and stimulation.