Applied Geotechnics for Construction Projects 2

Fundamental Principles of Soil Mechanics and the Role of Water

Applied Geotechnics for Construction Projects 2

Ammar Dhouib, Polytech Sorbonne University, Paris, France

ISBN : 9781786307767

Publication Date : January 2023

Hardcover 338 pp

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Geotechnical engineering is now a fundamental component of construction projects. The second volume of this book addresses the fundamental principles of soil mechanics and the role of water in geotechnical projects and assessments.

Applied Geotechnics for Construction Projects 2 outlines the hydraulic properties of soils and the basic concepts of water in soil, detailing the principles of permeability measurement tests and giving concrete test cases, and then goes on to outline the basic notions of soil mechanics as applied in geotechnics: from consolidation to short- and long-term notions via the swelling phenomena of clayey soils, soil shear strength and slope stability. The third chapter presents a comprehensive overview of geotechnical expertise using examples of concrete projects either with or without damage in the context of geotechnical construction works.

Each chapter of this second volume provides concrete examples of applications to real projects and the rules and lessons we must remember. The result is a combination of geotechnical expertise and lessons learned from experience, both of which are highly valuable in the field of applied geotechnics for construction projects.


1. Soil Hydraulics: On-Site Water Tests.
2. Fundamental Principles of Soil Mechanics.
3. Geotechnical Expertise.

About the authors/editors

Ammar Dhouib, doctor of civil engineering specializing in soil mechanics, is a lecturer and professor of geotechnics at Polytech Sorbonne University, Paris, France. He is also a geotechnical expert at the VINCI construction group and a justice expert at the Court of Appeal in Versailles. His research interests focus on geotechnics, and he has authored or co authored five books on this topic.