Hybrid Excited Synchronous Machines

Topologies, Design and Analysis

Hybrid Excited Synchronous Machines

Yacine Amara, Le Havre Normandy University, France
Hamid Ben Ahmed, ENS Rennes, France
Mohamed Gabsi, ENS Paris-Saclay, France

ISBN : 9781786306852

Publication Date : November 2022

Hardcover 236 pp

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Our transition towards a cleaner and more sustainable future has seen an increase in the use of electrical energy in the functioning of our society. This implies the need to develop tools and methods which allow us to study electromagnetic devices and ensure their functioning for as long as possible. This requires us to use these tools to understand their behavior, not just as one component, but also in the entire systems in which they can be found, throughout their life cycle.

This book provides electrical engineering students and researchers with the resources to analyze how synchronous machines behave over their entire field of operation, particularly focusing on hybrid excited synchronous machines (HESMs). The field of HESMs, although not a fundamental problem in the strict sense of the term, provides answers to a range of fundamental problems: the flux weakening of permanent magnet machines, energy optimization, and lastly the increasing costs of rare-earths permanent magnets.


1. Hybrid Excited Synchronous Machines: Principles and Structures.
2. Control of Hybrid Excited Synchronous Machines.
3. Experimental Studies of Hybrid Excited Synchronous Machines.

About the authors/editors

Yacine Amara is Professor of Electrical Engineering at Le Havre Normandy University, France. He started working on the analysis and design of hybrid excited synchronous machines during his PhD thesis more than twenty years ago.

Hamid Ben Ahmed is Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at ENS Rennes, France. His research interests include the design, modeling and optimization of novel topologies for electromagnetic actuators and generators, as well as the optimization of renewable energy systems.

Mohamed Gabsi is Professor of Electrical Engineering at ENS Paris-Saclay, France. His research interests include switched reluctance motors, vibrations and acoustic noise, and permanent magnet machines.