Library Transformation Strategies

Library Transformation Strategies

Jean-Philippe Accart, Sciences Po Paris, France.

ISBN : 97817863008870

Publication Date : October 2022

Hardcover 188 pp

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Libraries continually focus on adaptation and adopt different transformation strategies to achieve this goal. These strategies demonstrate a clear desire to stay in tune with the times, while retaining the basic principles that underpin their day-to-day work and ensure they continue to exist.

This book is a complete synthesis, a helpful resource for librarians and information professionals that develops four major strategies. The first focuses on understanding the environment and society, with organizational changes affecting cultural institutions (public or private), and the emergence of the library space. The second shows how management methods evolve within them (participatory approach, benevolence, empathy) with an emphasis on project management. The third strategy focuses on the integration of new library tools to better reach audiences. Finally, the fourth develops an essential and indispensable aspect of library marketing.


Part 1. The Environment and Society
1. Societal Changes and Libraries.
2. Economic Changes.
3. The Evolution of the Library Space.
4. Legal Changes.

Part 2. Human Resources and Management
5. New Management Theories Applicable to Libraries.
6. Some Theory on Management and Leadership.

Part 3. Library Tools and Technology
7. The Digital Transformation of Libraries.
8. Other Technologies for Library Transformation.

Part 4. Marketing
9. Marketing Dimensions in Libraries.
10. The User at the Heart: Mediation.
11. The Library’s Digital Identity.
12. Adopting a Library Branding Strategy.

About the authors/editors

Jean-Philippe Accart is Head of the Reims campus library of Sciences Po Paris, France. He works in the field of information sciences, with the aim of creating and developing services in this sector and shares his vision for the future of libraries.