Concentrating Solar Thermal Energy

Fundamentals and Applications

SCIENCES - Renewable Energies

Concentrating Solar Thermal Energy

Edited by

Gilles Flamant, Promes - CNRS, France

ISBN : 9781789450798

Publication Date : October 2022

Hardcover 348 pp

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The Sun, our star, has inspired the research of many scientists and engineers and brings hope to many of us for a paradigm shift in energy. Indeed, the applications of solar energy are manifold, primarily because it concerns both light and heat. Photovoltaic (PV) conversion is the most well-known among these, but other modes of conversion include photochemical, photobiological, photoelectrochemical, thermal and thermochemical.

This book covers the entire chain of conversion from the Sun to the targeted energy vector (heat, electricity, gaseous or liquid fuels). Beginning with the state of the art, subsequent chapters address solar resources, concentration and capture technologies, the science of flows and transfers in solar receivers, materials with controlled optical properties, thermal storage, hybrid systems (PV-thermal) and synthetic fuels (hydrogen and synthetic gas).

Written by a number of experts in the field, Concentrating Solar Thermal Energy provides an insightful overview of the current landscape of the knowledge regarding the most recent applications of concentrating technologies.


1. Solar Power Plants: State of the Art, Gilles Flamant.
2. Solar Resource Management, Assessment and Forecasting, Stéphane Thil and Stéphane Grieu.
3. Optics of Concentrating Systems, François Hénault, Benjamin Grange and Quentin Falcoz.
4. Solar Receivers, Benjamin Grange.
5. Heat Transfer Fluids for Solar Power Plants, Gilles Flamant.
6. Numerical Simulations of Flows and Heat Transfers of Solar Receivers, Françoise Bataille, Adrien Toutant and Dorian Dupuy.
7. Materials for Concentrated Solar Power, Audrey Soum-Glaude and Antoine Grosjean.
8. Thermal Energy Storage, Aubin Touzo, Quentin Falcoz and Gilles Flamant.
9. Hybrid PV–CSP Systems, Alexis Vossier and Joya Zeitouny.
10. Synthetic Fuels from Hydrocarbon Resources, Sylvain Rodat and Stéphane Abanades.
11. Solar Fuel Production by Thermochemical Dissociation of Water and Carbon Dioxide, Stéphane Abanades and Sylvain Rodat.

About the authors/editors

Gilles Flamant is a chemical engineer at ParisTech and a doctor of engineering as well as emeritus research director at the CNRS, France. He also directed the Processes, Materials and Solar Energy laboratory (PROMES) from 2004 to 2016. For the last 45 years, his research has focused on concentrating solar energy.

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