Emotional Processes in Learning Situations

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Emotional Processes in Learning Situations

Edited by

Marianne Habib, Paris 8 University, France

ISBN : 9781789450422

Publication Date : July 2022

Hardcover 268 pp

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Emotional processes are increasingly studied in psychology, whether through their modes of expression or through their effect on cognitive processes. While the theorization of the link between emotional and cognitive processes has varied over the centuries, the impact of emotions on cognitive functions is now undeniable and is supported by experimental arguments.

Psychological processes are currently considered necessary for, or influenced by, the emergence of emotions. Learning is at the heart of individual development and involves different cognitive processes; the study of the emotional processes at work in a learning situation must of course not be overlooked. This book presents the contributions of different disciplines of psychology in understanding the role of emotional processes in learning situations, from a developmental and whole-life perspective.


1. Social-emotional Competencies and Learning in Children, Ophélie Courbet and Thomas Villemonteix.
2. Humor in Infants: Development and Implications in Learning, Rana Esseily and Lauriane Rat-Fischer.
3. Toward Considering Emotional Skills as Academic Skills, Sabine Gueraud and Louise Goyet.
4. Motivation and Academic Learning, Evelyne Clément and Alain Guerrien.
5. The Role of Emotion and Learning in Decision-making Situations During Development, Anaïs Osmont, Ania Aïte and Marianne Habib.
6. Socio-emotional Learning: How do We Learn in Connection with Others?, Mathieu Cassotti.
7. Learning to Recognize Others: The Effect of Vocal Emotions, Virginie Beaucousin.
8. Trauma, Cognition and Learning, Serge Caparos.
9. Wisdom as the Fruit of a Lifelong Emotional Learning Process?, Sandrine Vieillard.

About the authors/editors

Marianne Habib is a lecturer in developmental psychology at Paris 8 University, France. Her research focuses on the influence of emotions and socio-emotional context on cognitive processes from childhood to adulthood.