Fluid Mechanics at Interfaces 1

Methods and Diversity

Fluid Mechanics at Interfaces 1

Edited by

Roger Prud’homme, CNRS, France
Stéphane Vincent, Gustave Eiffel University, France

ISBN : 9781786308160

Publication Date : April 2022

Hardcover 242 pp

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Interfaces are present in most fluid mechanics problems. They not only denote phase separations and boundary conditions, but also thin flames and discontinuity waves. Fluid Mechanics at Interfaces 1 focuses on the science of interfaces, in particular, using various scientific methods of analysis relating to space, speed and time. Our investigation takes us from the microscopic or small scale (starting with molecular and nanoscopic scales) to the macroscopic (including meso and interstellar scales), and also explores the laws of interfaces (classical mechanics, quantum mechanics and relativistic mechanics).

Chapter 1 examines the questions raised by modeling interfaces in the presence of one or more fluid phases. Chapter 2 discusses the action of turbulence in liquid–vapor flows that contain both small, dispersed bubbles as well as large bubbles, with heat exchanges at the interfaces. In addition, a new model is presented, using large eddy simulation (LES). Chapter 3 studies an original method for calculating the drag force and thermal transfers in flows around networks of spherical particles, while Chapter 4 focuses on the relationships between interfaces and critical fluids. Chapter 5 examines shearing, which causes anomalies in the Brownian motion of particles in strongly fluctuating near-critical mixtures, and Chapter 6 introduces basic concepts related to combustion interfaces, raising the question of the combustion of solids, before ending with a brief presentation of the Rankine–Hugoniot theory and a historical overview of the research carried out in the field of combustion.


1. Modeling Interfaces with Fluid Phase, Roger Prud’Homme.
2. Simulations of Turbulent Two-Phase Flows with Phase Change Using a Multifield Approach Combined with LES, Solène Gouénard, Stéphane Vincent and Stéphane Mimouni.
3. An Original Approach to Extract Momentum and Heat Transfers from Particle-Resolved Simulations of Particulate Flows, Mohamed-Amine Chadil, Stéphane Vincent and Jean-Luc Estivalèzes.
4. Interfaces and Critical Fluids, Roger Prud’Homme.
5. Shear-Induced Anomalies in the Brownian Motion of Particles in Strongly Fluctuating Near-Critical Mixtures, Daniel Beysens.
6. Basics on Interfaces in Combustion, Roger Prud’Homme.

About the authors/editors

Roger Prud’homme is the Emeritus Research Director at CNRS, France. His most recent research topics have included flames, two-phase flows and the modeling of fluid interfaces.

Stéphane Vincent is Professor at the Gustave Eiffel University, France. He leads the Heat and Mass Transfer team of the MSME laboratory. His research focuses on models and numerical methods for multiphase flows.

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