An Integrative Approach of the Evolution of Living

SCIENCES - Ecosystems and Environmental


Edited by

Eric Guilbert, National Museum of Natural History, France

ISBN : 9781789450606

Publication Date : January 2022

Hardcover 358 pp

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The recent progress in analytical methods, aided by bringing in a wide range of other disciplines, opens up the study to a broader field, which means that biogeography now goes far beyond a simple description of the distribution of living species on Earth.

Originating with Alexander von Humboldt, biogeography is a discipline in which ecologists and evolutionists aim to understand the way that living species are organized in connection with their environments. Today, as we face major challenges such as global warming, massive species extinction and devastating pandemics, biogeography offers hypotheses and explanations that may help to provide solutions.

This book presents as wide an overview as possible of the different fields that biogeography interacts with. Sixteen authors from all over the world offer different approaches based on their specific areas of knowledge and experience; thus, we intend to illustrate the vast number of diverse aspects covered by biogeography.


1. Origins of Biogeography: A Personal Perspective, Malte C. Ebach.
2. Analytical Approaches in Biogeography: Advances and Challenges, Isabel Sanmartín.
3. Phylogeography, Inessa Voet and Violaine Nicolas.
4. Geophysical Biogeography, Laurent Husson and Pierre Sepulchre.
5. Island Biogeography, Julia Schmack and Matthew Biddick.
6. Cave Biogeography, Arnaud Faille.
7. Soil Bacterial Biogeography at the Scale of France, Battle Karimiand Lionel Ranjard.
8. Fungal Biogeography, Tarquin Netherway and Mohammad Bahram.
9. Freshwater Biogeography in a Nutshell, Anthi Oikonomou.
10. Marine Biogeography, Jorge García Molinos and Irene D. Alabia.
11. Biogeography of Diseases, Jesús Olivero.
12. Biogeography and Climate Change, Luisa Maria Diele-Viegas.
13. Conservation Biogeography: Our Place in the World, Brett R. Riddle.

About the authors/editors

Eric Guilbert is an entomologist at the National Museum of Natural History in France. His research covers how communities of species are organized and how they react to environmental changes.