Mineral Resources Economics 1

Context and Issues


Mineral Resources Economics 1

Edited by

Florian Fizaine, University Savoie Mont Blanc, France
Xavier Galiègue, University of Orléans, France

ISBN : 9781789450248

Publication Date : November 2021

Hardcover 260 pp

165.00 USD



The constant increase in the consumption of mineral resources, as well as the growing awareness of their exploitation, is causing deep concern within the scientific community. This concern is justified by the fact that the energy transition will increase the pressure on these resources, as renewable energies require an increased and more diversified quantity of mineral materials.

This book presents an overview of the exploitation of these mineral resources, where the natural, regulatory and environmental constraints interfere with economic, financial and geopolitical interests. By mobilizing the fields of the humanities, geosciences and engineering, it also analyzes the challenges that the energy transition will encounter, challenges related to the contradictory effects that the acceleration of the extraction of these resources will have on their physical availability, the economies that exploit them and the populations that live off of them.


Part 1. Background
1. Assessment of European Demand for Mineral Resources by Material Flow Analyses: The Case of Cobalt, Raphaël Danino-Perraud, Maïté Luher and Dominique Guyonnet.
2. Financialization of the Minerals and Metals Market: Origin, Challenges and Prospects, Yves Jégourel.
3. Geopolitics of Metals: Between Strategies of Power and Influence, Didier Julienne.
4. Mineral Wealth Endowment, a Construct, Michel Jébrak.

Part 2. Issues
5. Modeling the Long-Term Evolution of Primary Production Energy and Metal Prices, Olivier Vidal.
6. Environmental Footprint of Mineral Resources, Jacques Villeneuve, Stéphanie Muller, Antoine Beylot, Faustine Laurent and Frédéric Lai.
7. Why Should We Fear Energy and Material Savings? Deconstructing a Sustainability Myth, Romain Debref.
8. The “Resource Curse” in Developing Mining Countries, Audrey Aknin.
9. Industrial and Artisanal Exploitation of Natural Resources: Impacts on Development, Victoire Girard and Agnès Zabsonré.

About the authors/editors

Florian Fizaine is assistant professor in economics at the University Savoie Mont Blanc and visiting professor at the IFP School and Mines ParisTech in France.

Xavier Galiègue is associate professor in economics at the University of Orléans and a member of the Orléans Laboratory of Economics (LEO) in France.

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