Cultural Commons in the Digital Ecosystem

Volume 8 - Intellectual Technologies SET Coordinated by Jean-Max Noyer, Maryse Carmes

Cultural Commons in the Digital Ecosystem

Maud PĂ©lissier, University of Toulon, France

ISBN : 9781786306371

Publication Date : September 2021

Hardcover 234 pp

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The dynamics of production, circulation and dissemination of knowledge that are currently developing in the digital ecosystem testify to a profound change in capitalism. On the margins of the traditional duo of knowledge markets and exclusive property rights, the emerging notion of cultural commons is opening the door to new modes of production based on hybrid market arrangements and an inclusive understanding of property.

This book studies the political economy of cultural commons in the digital ecosystem, outlining the contexts and areas of thought in which this concept has emerged and identifying the socio-economic, technical and political issues associated with it. It also analyzes the specific physical conditions that enable the implementation of the economy of cultural commons in a specific digital ecosystem, that of books, by studying the effects of digital libraries and self-publishing platforms.


Part 1. The Intellectual Movement of the Cultural Commons
1. The Pioneering Approach of Jurists from the Berkman Center for Internet and Society.
2. The Ostromian Approach to the Knowledge Commons.

Part 2. The Commons in the Digital Book Ecosystem
3. Digital Libraries as Heritage Commons.
4. The Written Commons in the Publishing Industry.

About the authors/editors

Maud PĂ©lissier is an Associate Professor and Research Director. She carries out her research at the Mediterranean Institute for Information and Communication Sciences of the University of Toulon, France.