Dimensional Analysis and Similarity in Fluid Mechanics

Dimensional Analysis and Similarity in Fluid Mechanics

Nord-Eddine Sad Chemloul, University of Tiaret, Algeria

ISBN : 9781786305961

Publication Date : December 2020

Hardcover 228 pp

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Dimensional analysis is the basis for the determination of laws that allow the experimental results obtained on a model to be transposed to the fluid system at full scale (a prototype). The similarity in fluid mechanics then allows for better redefinition of the analysis by removing dimensionless elements.

This book deals with these two tools, with a focus on the Rayleigh method and the Vaschy-Buckingham method. It deals with the homogeneity of the equations and the conversion between the systems of units SI and CGS, and presents the dimensional analysis approach, before addressing the similarity of flows.

Dimensional Analysis and Similarity in Fluid Mechanics proposes a scale model and presents numerous exercises combining these two methods. It is accessible to students from their first year of a bachelor’s degree.


1. Homogeneity of Relationships and Conversion of Units.
2. Dimensional Analysis: Rayleigh Method and Vaschy-Buckingham Method.
3. Similarity of Flows.

About the authors/editors

Nord-Eddine Sad Chemloul is a teacher-researcher at the University of Tiaret in Algeria. He teaches fluid mechanics as well as related subjects, such as mass and heat transfer, heat exchangers, turbomachinery and propulsion mechanics.

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