Digital Communications 1

Fundamentals and Techniques

Digital Communications 1

Safwan El Assad, Polytech Nantes, France
Dominique Barba, Polytech Nantes, France

ISBN : 9781786305411

Publication Date : February 2021

Hardcover 322 pp

165.00 USD



This book was written with the intention of presenting – in an integrated way – the basic knowledge and techniques on which modern digital communication systems are based and how they are implemented in their realization.

Digital Communications 1 is structured into two parts; the first is dedicated to the theory of information itself. Sources of information as well as communication channels are examined, with particular focus being given to the associated errors generated during transmission. Numerous examples are provided to illustrate the theory presented. The second part of the book deals with the technical aspects of transmission. Digital baseband transmissions and digital carrier modulation are presented with a description of the main on-line codes and spectral properties; baseband transmissions with the concept of equalization and a systematic performance evaluation; and various types of digital carrier modulation, by showing their close links with the digital baseband communication.


Part 1. Theory of Information
1. Introduction to Telecommunications.
2. Measurement of Information of a Discrete Source and Channel Capacity.
3. Source Coding for Non-disturbance Channels.
4. Channel Coding for Disturbed Transmission Channels.

Part 2. Baseband Digital Transmissions and with Carrier Modulation
5. Binary to M-ary Coding and M-ary to Signal Coding: On-line Codes.
6. Transmission of an M-ary Digital Signal on a Low-pass Channel.
7. Digital Transmissions with Carrier Modulation.

About the authors/editors

Safwan El Assad is Associate Professor (HDR) at Polytech Nantes, France. From 1988 to 2005, his research activities concerned radar imagery and digital communications. With a background in radar imagery and digital communications, today his research largely focuses on chaos-based cryptography.

Dominique Barba is a retired Professor from Polytech Nantes. His research has focused for over 45 years on the processing of still and moving images (improvement, compression), their analysis, human and artificial vision, as well as digital communications (compression).