Systems and Network Infrastructure Integration

Design, Implementation, Safety and Supervision

Systems and Network Infrastructure Integration

Saida Helali, Institut Supérieur des Etudes Technologiques de Radès, Tunisia

ISBN : 9781786305268

Publication Date : October 2020

Hardcover 202 pp

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IT infrastructures are now essential in all areas and sectors of human activity; they are the cornerstone of any information system. Thus, it is clear that the greatest of care must be given to their design, implementation, security and supervision in order to ensure optimum functionality and better performance.

Within this context, Systems and Network Infrastructure Integration presents the methodological and theoretical principles necessary to successfully carry out an integration project for network and systems infrastructures. This book is aimed at anyone interested in the field of networks in general. In particular, it is intended for students of fields relating to networks and computer systems who are called upon to integrate their knowledge and skills, gained throughout their academic study, into a comprehensive project to set up a complete infrastructure, while respecting the necessary specifications.


1. Introduction to Project Management.
2. Simulating Network Architectures with GNS3.
3. Green IT.
4. Design of Network Infrastructures.
5. Network Services.
6. System and Network Security.
7. Virtualization and Cloud Computing.
8. Quality of Service and High Availability.
9. Monitoring Systems and Networks.

About the authors/editors

Saida Helali is a university lecturer in Information Technology (specializing in networks and information systems) at the Institut Supérieur des Etudes Technologiques de Radès (Tunisia). She holds an ACREDITE master’s degree (Analysis, Conception and Research in the Domain of Educational Technology Engineering), which was jointly awarded by the Université de Cergy-Pontoise (France), the Université de MONS (Belgium) and the Université de Genève (Switzerland). In 2017, she was chair of the Tunisian branch of the IEEE Education Society and he is also an acting member of AIPU TUNISIE, an international association about university pedagogy.