Introduction to Corpus Linguistics

Introduction to Corpus Linguistics

Sandrine Zufferey, University of Bern, Switzerland

ISBN : 9781786304179

Publication Date : October 2020

Hardcover 274 pp

165.00 USD



Today, the use of corpora is common in all fields of linguistics. Thus, the ability to quantitatively analyze linguistic data from a corpus is becoming an essential part of the linguistic “toolbox”.
This book sheds light on the theoretical and methodological issues underlying the use of corpora, provides a critical evaluation of the scientific literature, and demonstrates how to use corpora in academic work.

Introduction to Corpus Linguistics lists the data available in French and presents examples of corpus studies related to the French language. The aim is to provide an accessible yet comprehensive overview of the methods and their fields of application in linguistics. This book also demonstrates practical applications, exemplified by exercises with answer keys given at the end of each chapter.


1. How to Define Corpus Linguistics.
2. How to Use Corpora in Theoretical Linguistics.
3. How to Use Corpora in Applied Linguistics.
4. How to Use Multilingual Corpora.
5. How to Find and Analyze Corpora in French.
6. How to Build a Corpus.
7. How to Annotate a Corpus.
8. How to Analyze Corpus Data.

About the authors/editors

Sandrine Zufferey is a Professor of French Linguistics at the University of Bern in Switzerland, where she also teaches Corpus Linguistics.

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