System Architecture and Complexity

Contribution of Systems of Systems to Systems Thinking

Volume 2 - Systems of Systems Complexity SET Coordinated by Jean-Pierre Briffaut

System Architecture and Complexity

Jacques Printz, Université Catholique de Lille, France
Foreword written by Daniel Krob

ISBN : 9781786305619

Publication Date : September 2020

Hardcover 306 pp



The 1990s, from an IT perspective, brought major changes with regards to independent operating systems. Small, powerful machines that consumed little energy replaced the mainframes, the symbols of centralized systems of the 1970–80s. Historically, the organization of the system had put limits on processing power, but in the future, such power will distributed where it is needed.

Thanks to new networks, today, everything is interconnected in real time in symmetrical client-server architectures. In parallel, systems are becoming more specialized. System modeling is developing a more robust, resilient vision for entities that are themselves systems in their own right, and that are obliged to cooperate with each other and with their users.

System Architecture and Complexity presents this new semantic notion that has emerged at the heart of systems: interoperability. The information exchange model within the system of systems, which has emerged from this, is the main subject of this book.


Part 1. The Foundations of Systemics
1. The Legacy of Norbert Wiener and the Birth of Cybernetics.
2. At the Origins of System Sciences: Communication and Control.
3. The Definitions of Systemics: Integration and Interoperability of Systems.
4. The System and its Invariants.
5. Generations of Systems and the System in the System.

Part 2. A World of Systems of Systems
6. The Problem of Control.
7. Dynamics of Processes.
8. Interoperability.
9. Fundamental Properties of Systems of Systems.

About the authors/editors

Jacques Printz is Associate Professor at Université Catholique de Lille (where he is Chairman of the Ethics, technology and transhumanism group) in France, and a member of the ETHICS laboratory. He is also Emeritus Professor at CNAM, France, where until 2009 he held the Chair in Software Engineering.