Digitalization of Society and Socio-political Issues 1

Digital, Communication and Culture

Digitalization of Society and Socio-political Issues 1

Edited by

Éric George, UQAM, Canada

ISBN : 9781786304759

Publication Date : December 2019

Hardcover 258 pp

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Digitalization is a long and constant sociohistoric process in which all areas of society’s activities are reconfigured.

Digitalization of Society and Socio-political Issues 1 examines the transformations linked to the development of digital platforms and social media, which affect the cultural and communicational industries. It analyzes the formation of Big Data, their algorithmic processing and the societal changes which result (social monitoring and control in particular).

Through critical views, it equally presents the various ways in which technology participates in relations of power and domination, and contributes to possible emancipatory practices.


Part 1. Digital Technology, Big Data and Societal Transformations
1. For an Archaeology of the Cult of the Number, Armand Mattelart.
2. Big Data as a Device for Generalized Decoding of the Social Field, Fabien Richert.
3. Algorithmic Management, Organizational Changes and the Digitalization of HR Practices: A Critical Perspective, Yanita Andonova.
4. Nanotargeting and Automation of Political Discourse,Samuel Cossette.
5. Digital Practices, Cultural Practices, Under Surveillance, Robert Panico and Geneviève Vidal.
6. The Hypothesis of the Privacy of Ancients and Moderns, Julien Rossi.
7. Very Precious Memories: Digital Memories and Data Valorization, Rémi Rouge.

Part 2. Digital Technology and Changes in Cultural and Communication Industries
8. Capital as Power: Facebook and the SymbolicMonopoly Rent, Maxime Ouellet.
9. On the “Platformization” of the Culture and Communication Industries, Jacob Matthews.
10. Digital Audiovisual Platforms, Between Transnational Flows and National Frameworks, Philippe Bouquillon.
11. Scientific Publishing: Coexistence Between New Entrants and Traditional Players, Édith Laviec.
12. A Digital Redefinition of the Pornography Industries, Arnaud Anciaux.
13. Cultural Policies 2.0: Rebuilding the Intervention of Public Authorities, Maud Boisnard, Destiny Tchéhouali and Michèle Rioux.
14. The Digitalization of Cultural Policies in France, Anne Bellon.

Part 3. Digital Technology and Cultural and Communicational Practices
15. The Digitalization of Society and a New Form of Connected Sociability in Tunisia, Alma Betbout.
16. Digitalization and Knowledge at University: Study of Collaborative Student Practices, Marie David.
17. Towards a Generalization of Digital Technology in Education?, Cathia Papi.
18. French Pensioners Facing the Digitalization of Society, Lucie Delias.
19. From the Digitalization of Society to the Production of a Biomedicalized Food Culture, Myriam Durocher.

About the authors/editors

Éric George is Full Professor at the School of Media Studies (Faculty of Communication) at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Canada, and Director of the Center for Interuniversity Research on Communication, Information and Society (CRICIS), Canada.