Mobile Robotics – Second Editon Revised and Updated

Mobile Robotics – Second Editon Revised and Updated

Luc Jaulin, ENSTA-Bretagne, France

ISBN : 9781786305237

Publication Date : October 2019

Hardcover 386 pp

155.00 USD



Mobile Robotics presents the different tools and methods that enable the design of mobile robots; a discipline booming with the emergence of flying drones, underwater mine-detector robots, robot sailboats and vacuum cleaners.

Illustrated with simulations, exercises and examples, this book describes the fundamentals of modeling robots, developing the concepts of actuators, sensors, control and guidance. Three-dimensional simulation tools are also explored, as well as the theoretical basis for the reliable localization of robots within their environment.

This revised and updated edition contains additional exercises and a completely new chapter on the Bayes filter, an observer that enhances our understanding of the Kalman filter and facilitates certain proofs.


1. Three-dimensional Modeling.
2. Feedback Linearization.
3. Model-free Control.
4. Guidance.
5. Instantaneous Localization.
6. Identification.
7. Kalman Filter.
8. Bayes Filter.

About the authors/editors

Luc Jaulin is Professor in robotics at ENSTA-Bretagne in France. He conducts research at the Lab-STICC in the field of submarine robotics and sailing robots using set methods.