Connected Healthcare for the Citizen

Health Industrialization SET Coordinated by Bruno Salgues

Connected Healthcare for the Citizen

Edited by

Robert Picard, Consultant

ISBN : 9781785482984

Publication Date : December 2018

Hardcover 272 pp

135.00 USD



Connected objects are proliferating in our society, including in the health and wellbeing sectors. It is time to make citizens, society and professionals aware that connected health is not simply a medical or a technical issue.

The book describes and discusses the emerging connected health industry from the viewpoint of citizens and society. It analyzes the related issues, proposes approaches based on the human sciences and identifies coming challenges. It appears that, beside the clinical and technical considerations, many barriers must be overcome before connected devices become efficient contributors to health and wellbeing.

The authors propose a description of new devices and services, related questions and likely difficulties, and suggestions to tackle these issues. The evidence and hypotheses are drawn from numerous examples taken from the field. Robert Picard and co-authors are members of Forum LLSA, an association of the Living Lab community in the health sector, which co designs and assesses connected solutions.


Part 1. Ambitions of Connected Healthcare
1. Ethics of Connected Healthcare: the Connected Individual, Caroline Guillot, Jean-Baptiste Faure and Robert Picard,
with contributions by Myriam Lewkowicz.
2. Introduction to Cases, Robert Picard, with contributions by Frédéric Durand-Salmon and Loïc Le Tallec.
3. Two Stories about Connected Healthcare, Yves Grillet and Guy Fagherazzi.

Part 2. Observations and Measurements
4. Measurement and Knowledge in Health, Marie-Noëlle Billebot, Marie-Ange Cotteret, Patrick Visier, Norbert Noury, Henri Noat
and Robert Picard, with contributions by Nathalie Blot and Bastien Fraudet.
5. Challenges and Limitations of Data Capture versus Data Entry, Norbert Noury and Robert Picard,
with contributions by Marie-Noëlle Billebot, Frédéric Durand-Salmon, Myriam Lewkowicz and Henri Noat.
6. Models and Algorithms, Pierre Bertrand, Daniel Israël and Robert Picard.

Part 3. Methods and Tools for Facilitating Appropriation
7. Design and Evaluation, Gaël Guilloux and Robert Picard, with contributions by Sylvie Arnaviehle and Perrine Courtois.
8. Evaluations and Effectiveness, Karima Bourquard, Daniel Israël and Robert Picard,
with contributions by Hugues Brouard, Virginie Delay, Matthieu Faure, Bastien Fraudet and Thierry Gatineau.
9. Economic and Legal Aspects, Anne-Marie Benoît, Myriam Le Goff-Pronost and Robert Picard.
10. The Question of Technique, Denis Abraham and Robert Picard, with contributions by Henri Noat.

Part 4. Perspectives
11. Public Health Perspectives, Olivier Aromatario, Linda Cambon and Robert Picard.
12. Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Mathias Béjean, Gaël Guilloux, Robert Picard and Hervé Pingaud.

About the authors/editors

Robert Picard is President and co-founder of Forum LLSA, a network of living labs in the health sector. He is a health referee within the French General Council of Economy (Ministry of Economy) and the author of numerous reports on the value of health technologies.