Confidence and Legitimacy in Health Information and Communication

Volume 1 - Health Information SET Coordinated by Céline Paganelli and Viviane Clavier

Confidence and Legitimacy in Health Information and Communication

Edited by

Céline Paganelli, Paul-Valéry University, Montpellier, France

ISBN : 9781786303523

Publication Date : September 2018

Hardcover 298 pp

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The question of trust is crucial in the field of health, not only because health is a particularly revealing issue (at the societal, institutional and individual level), but also because the boundaries between expert information that has been validated by legitimate authorities and non-validated information have become increasingly permeable.

Relationships between actors in this field function under various influences. The issue of trust is most often addressed from the point of view of the relationship between patients and health professionals or between users and their health system.

Confidence and Legitimacy in Health Information and Communication, the first volume of the "Health Information" set of books coordinated by Céline Paganelli and Viviane Clavier, analyzes confidence from the point of view of information and communication phenomena in the health sector, as well as the process of building the legitimacy of health information.


1. Information Sources on Childhood Immunization, Mylène Costes.
2. Web 2.0, Parenting and Informational Habitus, Maryline Vivion.
3. Trust, Information Sources and the Impact on Decision-Making: The Example of Vaccination, Ève Dubé and Dominique Gagnon.
4. Info-Communication Practices of Autistic Children’s Parents on the Internet: Trust Issues and Legitimacy,
Clément Dussarps and Denis Dussarps.
5. Trust and Information Behavior of French Air Force Flight Nurses, Anna Lezon Rivière and Madjid Ihadjadene.
6. Online Info-Communication Practices in the Face of a Crisis of Trust in Breast Cancer Prevention, Pierre Mignot and Dorsaf Omrane.
7. Trust between Constraints and Limitations of Information Behaviors Among Public Health Policy Actors: The Case of Music Therapy,
Nathalie Verdier.
8. Hospital Trust and Legitimacy: Internal Medicine in the French Health Care System, Paméla Baillette and Michel Mannarini.
9. From Health Actors’ Information-Communication Issues in the Workplace to Obstacles when Establishing a Relationship of Trust,
Aurélia Dumas.
10. Connected Health: Between Common Aspirations and Specific Interests, Adrian Staii.
11. Expressions of Trust in the Home-Based ?Care Relationship and Areas of Legitimacy in the Context of Digital Media,
Géraldine Goulinet-Fité and Didier Paquelin.
12. The Electronic Medical Record: Standardization ?Issues and Personalization of Information for Health Professionals,
David Morquin and Roxana Ologeanu-Taddei.

About the authors/editors

Céline Paganelli is a lecturer authorized to supervise research in information and communication sciences at Paul-Valéry University in Montpellier in France, where she also runs the LERASS-CERIC research laboratory. Her work focuses on health information.