Smart Cities

Reality or Fiction

Smart Cities

Claude Rochet, University Honorary Professor

ISBN : 9781786302991

Publication Date : August 2018

Hardcover 236 pp

135.00 USD



As they stand today, so-called smart cities are a contradiction – their digital monitoring, automation, and other innovative technologies consume more energy than they save! So far, the predicted usefulness of city-wide intelligence in the form of Big Data and the Internet of Things, among others, has not met expectations.

Considering a smart city as a “system of systems”, Claude Rochet delves into this paradox from a context of urban planning and development, developing countries, and modern theories of technology–society interactions, all against a backdrop of sustainability. Technology, he contends, is not a deus ex machina, but merely a tool in the service of society.

Illustrated with numerous real-world examples, Smart Cities: Reality or Fiction places the latest scientific research under the lens of critical analysis to produce a book for urban planners, city administrators, digital entrepreneurs and citizens alike.


1. What Do We Mean by “Smart City” and Where Does This Idea Come From?
2. The Challenges of Urban Development in the Context of the Third Industrial Revolution.
3. What Makes a City Smart?
4. New Sciences of Cities.
5. Smart City in Action.

About the authors/editors

Claude Rochet is a University Honorary Professor and has worked as a Senior Public Servant. He has published numerous books and articles in the field of public policy and technology management.