Experimental Design and Verification of a Centralized Controller for Irrigation Canals

Experimental Design and Verification of a Centralized Controller for Irrigation Canals

Enrique Bonet Gil, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain.

ISBN : 9781785483073

Publication Date : September 2018

Hardcover 332 pp

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Agriculture holds an important place in the food chain and the water resources for agriculture are fundamental. Problems arise when water transport systems present low efficiencies and there is social pressure around water scarcity.

In order to improve the efficiency of water transport systems, it is necessary to optimize the operation of irrigation canals. This book responds to these requirements by defining an overall control scheme to manage canals.

Canal management starts with calculating the water demand accurately and establishing gate trajectories. In some cases, the system may be stable, but factors can arise which cause deviations from the optimum desired state, such as a disturbance introduced into the canal.

In such circumstances, it would be necessary to introduce an overall control diagram, a system of algorithms able to restore the optimum desired state of the canal. These algorithms, developed and tested by the author, are the CSI and GoRoSoBo algorithms, which the reader will find presented in this book.


1. Introduction and General Statements.
2. State of the Art of Canal Control Algorithms.
3. Characterization of a Predictive Control Scheme.
4. Overall Control Diagram.
5. Canal Survey Information: CSI Algorithm.
6. CSI Performance: Numerical Examples.
7. CSI Tests on the Experimental Canal PAC-UPC.
8. Online Predictive Control: GoRoSoBo.
9. GoRoSoBo Application: Canal with Only One Pool.
10. ASCE Test Cases.

About the authors/editors

Enrique Bonet Gil studied Geological and Civil Engineering at Barcelona University and UPC, Spain. He received his PhD degree in Hydraulic Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain.