Joëlle Morana, Lumière University Lyon II, France

ISBN : 9781786303103

Publication Date : June 2018

Hardcover 224 pp

135.00 USD



There has been a great deal of literature on logistics. However, until now, these works have generally focused on the development of a specific theme or hypothesis in particular. This book therefore offers, in the form of 42 complementary sheets, a panoramic perspective of the key elements to consider when implementing a logistics model.

The division of logistics into 42 subject areas enables the reader to gain a better understanding of its intricacies as well as its global role.

To develop this further, each sheet is provided with a key point to take away and its own dedicated bibliography of the themes (and sub-themes) covered.

This book is aimed at postgraduate students as well as academics and researchers, presenting the fundamental elements of logistics, from distribution to innovation, and beyond.


1. Operators in Logistics.
2. Innovation in Logistics.
3. Warehouse Management.
4. Upstream and Supply Logistics.
6. Downstream or Distribution Logistics.
7. The “Companions” of Logistics.

About the authors/editors

Joëlle Morana is a lecturer in Management Sciences at Lumière University Lyon II, France.