Applied Mechanical Design

Applied Mechanical Design

Ammar Grous, University of Haute Alsace, France

ISBN : 9781848218222

Publication Date : February 2018

Hardcover 504 pp

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Written using both imperial and metric systems, this book presents numerous case studies relevant to both industrial and academic domains. These studies, detailed according to class and industry, focus on real projects and are provided along with succinct solutions and comments.

This work is essentially a summary of the mechanical design course. A wide range of singular examples and mechanisms are provided, and emphasis is placed on the dichotomy between material and geometry which lies at the center of resistance calculations. The analysis tools used throughout the book integrate the Cd CF requirements into the practical application of projects. This is essential for the optimization of the design applied.

The educational benefits of this pedagogical work are illustrated in the practical case studies. However, these studies are not only useful for students and teachers, but also for specialists and consultants.


1. Case Study-based Design Methodology.
2. Materials and Geometry in Applied Mechanical Design, Followed by Case Studies.
3. Geometrical Specification of GPS and ISO Products: Case Studies of Hertzian Contacts.
4. Design of Incurvate Geometries by Sweeping.
5. Principles for Calculations in Mechanical Design: Theory and Problems. Strength of Materials in Constructions.
6. Noise and Vibration in Machine Parts.
7. Principles of Calculations for Fatigue and Failure.
8. Friction, Brakes and Gear Systems.
9. Sizing of Creations.
10. Design of Plastic Products.
11. Mechanical Design Projects.

About the authors/editors

Ammar Grous is a doctor of engineering sciences at the University of Haute Alsace in France.