Non-linearities in Passive RFID Systems

Third Harmonic Concept and Applications

FOCUS Series in Networks and Telecommunications

Non-linearities in Passive RFID Systems

Gianfranco Andía, Grenoble Institute of Technology, France
Yvan Duro, University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France
Smail Tedjini, Grenoble Institute of Technology, France

ISBN : 9781786302267

Publication Date : January 2018

Hardcover 192 pp

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Fueled by the recent interest in the Internet of Things, an increasing demand for tagged devices capable of giving real time information beyond simple identification is paving the way for the fourth industrial revolution.

This book presents the latest studies on the non-linear phenomena present during RFID communication using passive tags. The exploitation of the RFID chip non-linearities is considered and experimentally demonstrated through two new applications: the harmonic communication by way of a new communication channel from tag to reader at the third harmonic, and a new approach dedicated to energy harvesting for sensor powering.

The topics detailed in this book include the design and experimental validation of augmented RFID tags, characterization methodologies and modeling of the non-linear behavior of tags from an applied point of view. The authors discuss the different concepts in-depth and pave the way for new industrial applications and developments, as well as research into applied fields of RFID.


1. History of Radio-frequency Identification: from Birth to Advanced Applications.
2. RFID Technology: Main Principles and Non-linear Behavior of Tags.
3. Characterization Platforms for Passive RFID Chips and Tags.
4. Modeling the Harmonic Signals Produced by RFID Chips.
5. Applications: Augmented RFID Tags.

About the authors/editors

Gianfranco Andía is a Doctor in Radio Frequency from Grenoble Institute of Technology, France, and an RF engineer in the RFID industry.

Yvan Duroc is Full Professor at the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France.

Smail Tedjini is a URSI Fellow and IEEE Senior Member. He has been Professor at Grenoble Institute of Technology since 1996.