The Management of Chronic Diseases

Organizational Innovation and Efficiency

FOCUS Series in Health Engineering and Society

The Management of Chronic Diseases

Pierre Huard, Aix-Marseille University, France

ISBN : 9781786301710

Publication Date : January 2018

Hardcover 176 pp

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The increase in the proportion of chronic diseases in the structures of morbidity and health expenditure makes the management of these diseases the main challenge facing health systems. In response, many analyses and experiments seek to define forms of organization better adapted to this problem. However, the resulting recommendations do not always explain the conditions for their implementation.

This is why this book pays particular attention to dynamic processes of change that can promote innovative organizational forms. More specifically, it attempts to show how certain combinations of operating conditions and funding can support the endogenous development of effective and efficient chronic disease management systems.

By building a step-by-step analysis illustrated by concrete examples, this book aims to contribute to the development of organizational options that can productively nourish the debate.


1. The Challenge of Chronic Diseases.
2. Some Alternative Schemes for the Management of Chronic Diseases.
3. Difficulties in Implementing ?Effective Management.
4. Redefining Conditions for the Effective Management of Chronic Diseases.
5. Activities Specific to an Effective Management of Chronic Diseases.
6. Dynamic Processes for the Provision of Efficient Care.
7. Lump Sum Funding, Efficiency and Development.
8. An Illustration.
9. From Processes to Organizational Structures.
10. Contractual Relationship Configurations.
11. Implementation Strategy.
12. IS in Health System Restructuring.

About the authors/editors

Pierre Huard has worked at the Faculty of Economics and Management, Aix-Marseille University, at the Laboratory of Economics and Sociology of Labor, CNRS, and at the Institute of Economics and Management of Health, University of Lausanne in France.