From Additive Manufacturing to 3D/4D Printing 3

Breakthrough Innovations: Programmable Material, 4D Printing and Bio-printing

From Additive Manufacturing to 3D/4D Printing 3

Jean-Claude André, CNRS, France

ISBN : 9781786302328

Publication Date : December 2017

Hardcover 468 pp

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Additive manufacturing is 33 years old and represents a market of several billion euros per year with annual growth of between 20 and 30%.

The use of self-assembling materials by means of “Programmable Material” will make assembly plants superfluous. Robotics, the heart of the productivity gains of the 20th Century, could thus be integrated into the products themselves.

In addition, by introducing a feature into the created object, 4D printing with extraordinary potential for temporally evolving objects is achieved with a complementary target that corresponds to 3D printing of tissues and organs.

Progress towards new application niches representing gigantic markets requires, however, processes based on other concepts close to those of complexity. Between extraordinary promises and epistemological questions, this third volume introduces additive manufacturing into a new breakaway future provided that a number of conceptual breakthroughs are made.


Part 1. Programmable Smart/Intelligent Matter and 4D Printing
1. Programmable Matter or Smart Matter, Stimulated Organization and 4D Printing.

Part 2. Live “Smart” Matter and Bio-printing
2. Bio-printing Technologies.
3. Some Examples of 3D Bio-printed Tissues.
4. Ethical Issues and Responsible Parties.
5. Questions of Epistemology and Modeling.

About the authors/editors

Jean-Claude André is a Researcher with the CNRS where he works on light–matter interactions. He is responsible for the first ever patent in stereolithography, granted in 1984, and patented a non-layer 3D printing process in 2016. His research focuses on 4D printing and bio-printing.