Building Professionals Facing the Energy Efficiency Challenge

Building Professionals Facing the Energy Efficiency Challenge

Géraldine Molina, CNRS, France
Marjorie Musy, Cerema, France
Margot Lefranc, École des Ingénieurs de la Ville de Paris, France

ISBN : 9781786301499

Publication Date : December 2017

Hardcover 346 pp

135.00 USD



Since the beginning of the 21st Century, building professionals have faced strong demands to build, renovate and manage buildings in a way that addresses contemporary energy and environmental challenges. Based on an interdisciplinary survey of construction professionals in France by researchers from different backgrounds, this book analyzes how these actors address energy and environmental challenges.

The first part of the book proposes a transversal analysis of the actual problems encountered on the ground by these construction professionals, and the levers and the resources they mobilize. It explores the dynamics of learning and transition, and the characteristics of pioneers in energy-saving and ecological construction.

Through excerpts from a selection of interviews, the second part presents the professionals’ views. The aim is to allow practitioners, teachers, researchers, architecture and engineering students, and those from different disciplinary backgrounds, to benefit from feedback and self-analysis from actors, some of whom are forerunners in this field.


1. A Look at “Performance” Buildings: An Interdisciplinary Survey of Professionals.
2. Uneasiness Among Professionals: Multiple Obstacles.
3. The Characteristics of the Pioneers: Trajectories, Construction, and the Advancement of Their Skills.
Appendix. Selection of First-Hand Accounts from Building Area Participants.

About the authors/editors

Géraldine Molina is a Doctor of Geography and Urban Planning, and a CNRS researcher at ESO (UMR 6590) and IRSTV (FR 2488). Her research focuses on the relationships between cities, urban societies and environmental issues, including climate and energy.

Marjorie Musy is a Doctor of Civil Engineering. She is Director of Research at Cerema and Deputy Director of IRSTV (FR 2488). Her research focuses on the thermal properties of buildings in connection with urban microclimatology.

Margot Lefranc is a town planner and geographer, and has worked in various study offices and local authorities before joining the EIVP as a research assistant. Her work focuses on the integration of energy and climate issues in the spheres of operational and regulatory planning.

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