Fundamentals of Electronics 1

Electronic Components and Elementary Functions

Fundamentals of Electronics 1

Pierre Muret, Université Grenoble-Alpes, France

ISBN : 9781786301819

Publication Date : August 2017

Hardcover 212 pp

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Electronics has undergone important and rapid developments over the last 60 years, which have generated a large range of theoretical and practical notions.
This book presents a comprehensive treatise of the evolution of electronics for the reader to grasp both fundamental concepts and the associated practical applications through examples and exercises.

This first volume of the Fundamentals of Electronics series comprises four chapters devoted to elementary devices, i.e. diodes, bipolar junction transistors and related devices, field effect transistors and amplifiers, their electrical models and the basic functions they can achieve.

Volumes to come will deal with systems in the continuous time regime, the various aspects of sampling signals and systems using analog (A) and digital (D) treatments, quantized level systems, as well as DA and AD converter principles and realizations.


1. Diodes and Applications.
2. Bipolar Junction Transistors and Applications.
3. Field Effect Transistors and Applications.
4. Amplifiers, Comparators and Other Analog Circuits.

About the authors/editors

Pierre Muret is Emeritus Professor at Université Grenoble-Alpes and was until recently a researcher in materials for electronics at the Institut NÉEL of the CNRS in Grenoble, France.

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