Power Systems-on-Chip

Practical Aspects of Design

Power Systems-on-Chip

Edited by

Bruno Allard, INSA Lyon, France

ISBN : 9781786300812

Publication Date : December 2016

Hardcover 340 pp

135 USD



The literature concerning (Inductive) Power Management and methods of designing solutions is now quite rich. However, research and lab-scale demonstrators are not what practicing engineers are looking for. Industry is rather conservative and improvements of solutions are incremental. This book aims to deliver a clear message about the issues and aspects that should be considered in order to understand up-to-date solutions in the context of wireless devices and the Internet of Things (IoT).
It is not a textbook and references to textbooks will be given. It is not a collection of research articles: industrial reality is mostly considered. It is not a detailed analysis of the single best solution but a comprehensive presentation of typical solutions with insights into reasons for success in the background with room essentially left for trade-offs, design practice and industrial analysis of results. This work focuses on delivering insights into major trade-offs and presents various examples. The content is segmented into chapters for ease of access and to make the content more readily accessible for non-specialist readers.


1. Control Strategies and CAD Approach by Pedro Alou, José A. Cobos, Jesus A. Oliver, Bruno Allard, Benôit Labbe, Aleksandar Prodic and Aleksandar Radic
2. Magnetic Components for Increased Power Density by Santosh Kulkarni and Cian O’mathuna
3. Dielectric Components for Increased Power Density by Frédéric Voiron
4. On-board Power Management DC/DC Inductive Converter by Benoît Labbe and Bruno Allard
5. On-Chip Power Management DC/DC Switched-Capacitor Converter by Gael Pillonnet, Thomas Souvignet and Bruno Allard
6. High-Switching Frequency Inductive DC/DC Converters by Christian Martin, Florian Neveu and Bruno Allard
7. Hybrid and Multi-level Converter Topologies for On-Chip Implementation of Reduced Voltage-Swing Converters by Aleksandar Prodic, Sheikh Mohammad Ahsanuzzaman, Behzad Mahdavikhah and Timothy Mcrae

About the authors/editors

Bruno Allard is Full Professor at INSA Lyon, University of Lyon in Electrical Engineering and Head of Ampère Laboratory. His research interests focus on integration of power management system based on non-isolated DC-DC converters, primarily inductive-based and either hybrid or monolithic.

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