Crystallization and Crystallizers

Industrial Equipment for Chemical Engineering Set

Crystallization and Crystallizers

Jean-Paul Duroudier, Ecole centrale de Paris, France

ISBN : 9781785481864

Publication Date : December 2016

Hardcover 208 pp

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This book is part of the Industrial Equipment for Chemical Engineering Set. Throughout these concise and easy-to-use books, the author uses his vast practical experience and precise knowledge of global research to present an in-depth study of a variety of aspects within the field of chemical engineering.

In this volume, the formation of crystals (or nucleation) is studied in its theoretical and practical details (including metastable area, latency period, agitation and nature of solvent).

Crystal growth is discussed in two steps: the diffusion layer surrounding the crystal and the integration of each molecule in the crystalline surface. The different crystallizers are described and defined by their heat exchange with the outside.

The author also provides methods needed for understanding the equipment used in applied thermodynamics in the hope of encouraging students and engineers to build the programs they need themselves.

The chapters are complemented with appendices which provide additional information as well as any associated references.


1. Various Properties of Crystals.
2. Crystal Formation and Growth.
3. Crystallization in a Sugar Refinery.
4. Crystallizers: Design and Dimensions.

About the authors/editors

Jean-Paul Duroudier is an engineer from Ecole centrale de Paris, France. He has devoted his professional life to the study of materials in chemical engineering.

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