Digital Electronics 3

Finite-state Machines

Digital Electronics 3

Tertulien Ndjountche, Erlangen-Nuremberg University, Germany

ISBN : 9781848219861

Publication Date : November 2016

Hardcover 330 pp

135 USD



This third volume in the comprehensive Digital Electronics series, which explores the basic principles and concepts of digital circuits, focuses on finite state machines. These machines are characterized by a behavior that is determined by a limited and defined number of states, the holding conditions for each state, and the branching conditions from one state to another. They only allow one transition at a time and can be divided into two components: a combinational logic circuit and a sequential logic circuit.
The approach is gradual and relatively independent of each other chapters. To facilitate the assimilation and practical implementation of various concepts, the book is complemented by a selection of practical exercises.


1. Synchronous Finite State Machines.
2. Algorithmic State Machines.
3. Asynchronous Finite State Machines.

About the authors/editors

Tertulien Ndjountche received a PhD degree in electrical engineering from Erlangen-Nuremberg University in Germany. He has worked as a professor and researcher at universities in Germany and Canada. He has published numerous technical papers and books in his fields of interest.

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