Eric Lafontaine, French Government Defense Procurement and Technology Agency
Marc Comet, University of Strasbourg, France

ISBN : 9781848218376

Publication Date : July 2016

Hardcover 344 pp

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The recent introduction of the “nano” dimension to pyrotechnics has made it possible to develop a new family of highly reactive substances: nanothermites. These have a chemical composition that is comparable to that of thermites at submillimeter or micrometric granulometry, but with a morphology having a much increased degree of homogeneity.
Their reactivity can be specifically defined by playing with the numerous parameters offered by nanomaterial engineering (particle size, degree of homogenization of reactive phases, addition of gas generating agents, etc.), which opens up immense prospects for applications in the pyrotechnic systems of the future.
This book discusses the methods of preparation of these energetic nanomaterials, their specific properties, and the different safety aspects inherent in their manipulation.


1. Elaboration of Nanoparticles.
2. Methods for Preparing Nanothermites.
3. The Experimental Study of Nanothermites.
4. Nanothermites and Safety.

About the authors/editors

Eric Lafontaine is in charge of the scientific field at the Direction générale de l’armement (French Government Defense procurement and technology agency). He specializes in the property structure relationships of materials.
Marc Comet is a researcher at Laboratoire NS3E (ISL - CNRS – University of Strasbourg) in France. His achievements include many publications, patents and international distinctions in the field of nanothermites and energetic nanomaterials.