Generalized Continuum Mechanics and Engineering Applications

Generalized Continuum Mechanics and Engineering Applications

Angela Madeo, University of Lyon–INSA, France

ISBN : 9781785480324

Publication Date : October 2015

Hardcover 146 pp

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The micro-structure of materials is an essential feature for the design of engineering structures with improved performances. In recent decades, a huge effort has been made to create new materials with specific microstructures and novel mechanical behaviors both in the static and dynamic regimes. Metamaterials show characteristics that cannot be found in natural materials and thereby have multiple novel engineering applications.

This book focuses on the continuum mechanical modeling of artificial and natural micro-structured materials by means of Generalized Continuum Theories. It is underlined how the conception and use of such materials may be beneficial for the functioning and optimization of engineering and biomedical structures.

In particular, the author focuses on the prospects of metamaterials in the design and description of structures with improved performances: light weight, improved stiffness and easy forming processes. She also discusses how metamaterials may be of use in the fields of vibration control and stealth technology, being good candidates for the conception of wave screens and wave absorbers with respect to elastic and electromagnetic wave propagation.

Outlining such concrete applications of metamaterials, the author presents different examples in which generalized continuum theories bring important complementary information essential for precise modeling of the behavior of the considered mechanical systems.


1. General Introductory Aspects.
2. Fibrous Composite Reinforcements.
3. Wave Propagation in Generalized Continua.
4. Remodeling of Bone Reconstructed with Bio-resorbable Materials.
5. Energy Dissipation in Modified and Unmodified Concrete.

About the authors/editors

Angela Madeo is Associate Professor, HDR, at the University of Lyon–INSA, France. Her research interests include generalized continuum mechanics and wave propagation.

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