COBOL Software Modernization

From Principles to Implementation with the BLU AGE® Method

COBOL Software Modernization

Franck Barbier, University of Pau, France
Jean-Luc Recoussine, BLU AGE® Corporation, Dallas, Texas, USA

ISBN : 9781848217607

Publication Date : January 2015

Hardcover 280 pp

135.00 USD



The digital economy is expanding faster and faster due to the constant advances in IT. There is a virtuous circle such that, in turn, more and more (often unpredictable) innovative usages boost IT. These usages are social and, in a broad sense, economical, meaning that the impact of IT on business is nowadays immense.

This book presents a reflection on software modernization to align old information systems with current Internet-centric computing paradigms, mainly SOA and the Cloud, as well as highlighting popular middleware platforms, namely Java EE, .NET, Spring, etc.

In the first chapters, the authors address business and technical issues, before moving on to give practical insights into a ready-to-use method and tool in later chapters. Within this scope, this book comments on the BLU AGE® method and tool used in large-scale projects in the USA and in Europe for varied business domains: healthcare, retail, transportation, tourism, energy, manpower, government, etc.


1. Software Modernization: A Business Vision.
2. Software Modernization: Technical Environment.
3. Status of COBOL Legacy Applications.
4. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).
5. SOA in Action.
6. Model-Driven Development (MDD).
7. Model-Driven Software Modernization.
8. Software Modernization Method and Tool.
9. Case Study.

About the authors/editors

Franck Barbier is Full Professor at the University of Pau in France.
Jean-Luc Recoussine works at the BLU AGE® Corporation in Dallas, Texas, USA.

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