New Sensors and Processing Chain

New Sensors and Processing Chain

Edited by

Jean-Hugh Thomas and Nourdin Yaakoubi, University of Maine, France

ISBN : 9781848216266

Publication Date : October 2014

Hardcover 166 pp

95.00 USD



Extracting information on a system is required to understand its state, to describe its behavior and to predict any early damage in order to be able to undertake the necessary corrective actions. The essential mechanism for data acquisition is the physical sensor, which can be electronic, chemical, biological, mechanical, acoustic, etc. For some years, the sensor environment has been changing. The sensor has become a central part of a more complex process, with sensors operating as a team, communicating, making decisions and being able to diagnose the state of the system being monitored. The instrumentation chain, the processing chain and the decision-making process can all be seen as software sensors.
This book focuses on the processing chain that needs to be set up in order to extract relevant information on various systems. The design of new microsensors is particularly highlighted and various applications are presented. It presents recent progress in instrumentation, microsystem design, giving an insight into the modification of the sensor itself but also its environment. Presentations are illustrated with various applications, which show how a processing chain is organized from the data acquired by a specific sensor to provide relevant information leading to the analysis of the driver behavior, the characterization of failure in industrial processes, the selective recognition of antigens/antibodies, etc.


1. Fabrication of Microelectrodes Using Original “Soft Lithography” Processes, Stéphane Cotte, Abdellatif Baraket, François Bessueille, Stéphane Gout, Nourdin Yaakoubi, Didier Leonard and Abdelhamid Errachid.
2. Love Wave Characterization of Mesoporous Titania Films, Laurianne Blanc, Grégory Tortissier, Cédric Boissière, Corinne Dejous and Dominique Rebière.
3. Immunosensing with Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors: Toward Highly Sensitive and Selective Improved Piezoelectric Biosensors, Najla Fourati and Chouki Zerrouki.
4. AC Nanocalorimeter on Self-standing Parylene Membrane, Emmanuel Andre, Aitor Fernandez Lopeandia, Jean-Luc Garden, Dominique Givord and Olivier Bourgeois.
5. Oscillatory Failure Detection in the Flight Control System of a Civil Aircraft Using Soft Sensor, Do Hieu Trinh, Benoît Marx, Philippe Goupil and José Ragot.
6. Embedded Sensors for the Analysis of Drivers’ Behavior, Patrick Plainchault, Sébastien Aubin, Patrice Briand, Jean-Michel Auberlet and Thierry Bosch.
7. Large Deformable Antennas, Sylvain Girard, Hervé Gilles, Philippe Leprince, Olivier Clouard, mourad Chtioui, Isabelle Barbereau, Guillaume Lesueur and Thomas Merlet.

About the authors/editors

Jean-Hugh Thomas has been Assistant Professor at the University of Maine in France since 1998, and a teacher at ENSIM. His research activities at the Acoustics Laboratory deal with acoustic imaging techniques based on microphone arrays and signal processing methods to extract relevant features for diagnosis applications.
Nourdin Yaakoubi has been Assistant Professor at the University of Maine in France since 2006, and a teacher at ENSIM. His research interests and activities at the Acoustics Laboratory include microsystems, Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and biosensors.

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