Modeling and Dimensioning of Structures

An introduction

Modeling and Dimensioning of Structures

Daniel Gay and Jacques Gambelin, University of Toulouse III, France

ISBN : 9781848210400

Publication Date : April 2008

Hardcover 736 pp

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This book provides, in an original form, the main topics now used for the modeling and dimensioning of structures. Its main feature consists of establishing a link between the traditional approach to material strength and the current finite element method. The main aspects of practical modeling are detailed, and numerous cases are covered. Abstract formalism has been deliberately avoided. The main practical results obtained at each stage are synthesized systematically in the form of summarized tables. Formalism and notations are kept to a minimum. This book will be of interest to researchers and design practitioners, as well as those not intending to continue the study of the mechanics of continuous media, but who need to know the basic elements of the dimensioning of structures.


Part 1. Level 1
1. The Basics of Linear Elastic Behavior.
2. Mechanical Behavior of Structures: An Energy Approach.
3. Discretization of a Structure into Finite Elements.
4. Applications: Discretization of Simple Structures.
Part 2. Level 2
5. Other Types of Finite Elements.
6. Introduction to Finite Elements for Structural Dynamics.
7. Criteria for Dimensioning.
8. Practical Aspects of Finite Element Modeling.
Part 3: Supplements
9. Behavior of Straight Beams.
10. Additional Elements of Elasticity.
11. Structural Joints.
12. Mathematic Prerequisites

About the authors/editors

Daniel Gay was Director of the Laboratory of Mechanical Design at the University of Toulouse, France, for more than fifteen years. He published numerous papers in international scientific journals and several books on composites materials.
Jacques Gambelin is Professor of Mechanical Design at the University of Technology of Toulouse, France, and taught structural design and calculus for aeronautical applications for more than twenty years.