Computer Science and Ambient Intelligence

Computer Science and Ambient Intelligence

Gaëlle Calvary, Grenoble INP, France
Thierry Delot, University of Valenciennes, France
Florence Sèdes, Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France
Jean-Yves Tigli, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France

ISBN : 9781848214378

Publication Date : December 2012

Hardcover 352 pp

145.00 USD



This book focuses on ambient intelligence and addresses various issues related to data management, networking and HCI in this context. Taking a holistic view, it covers various levels of abstraction, ranging from fundamental to advanced concepts and brings together the contributions of various specialists in the field. Moreover, the book covers the key areas of computer science concerned with the emergence of ambient intelligence (e.g. interaction, middleware, networks, information systems, etc.). It even goes slightly beyond the borders of computer science with contributions related to smart materials and ethics. The authors cover a broad spectrum, with some chapters dedicated to the presentation of basic concepts and others focusing on emerging applications in various fields such as health, transport and tourism.


1. Ambient Intelligence: Science or Fad?, Joëlle Coutaz and James L. Crowley.
2. Thinking about Ethics, Anne-Marie Benoit.
3. Sensor Networks, Jean Carle, Michaël Hauspie, Nathalie Mitton, Tahiry Razafindralambo and David Simplot-Ryl.
4. Smart Systems, Ambient Intelligence, and Energy Sources: Current Developments and Future Applications, Georges Akhras and Florence Sèdes.
5. Middleware in Ubiquitous Computing, Vincent Hourdin, Nicolas Ferry, Jean-Yves Tigli, Stéphane Lavirotte and Gaëtan Rey.
6. WComp, Middleware for Ubiquitous Computing and System Focused Adaptation, Nicolas Ferry, Vincent Hourdin, Stéphane Lavirotte, Gaëtan Rey and Jean-Yves Tigli.
7. Data Access and Ambient Computing, Thierry Delot and Marie Thilliez.
8. Security and Ambient Systems: A Study on the Evolution of Access Management in Pervasive Information Systems, Dana Al Kukhun and Florence Sèdes.
9. Interactive Systems and User-Centered Adaptation: The Plasticity of User Interfaces, Joëlle Coutaz, Gaëlle Calvary, Alexandre Demeure and Lionel Balme.
10. Composition of User Interfaces, Gaëlle Calvary, Anne-Marie Dery-Pinna, Audrey Occello, Philippe Renevier and Yoann Gabillon.
11. Smart Homes for People Suffering from Cognitive Disorders, Sylvain Giroux and Hélène Pigot.
12. Pervasive Games and Critical Applications, Isabelle Astic, Coline Aunis, Jérome Dupire, Viviane Gal, Eric Gressier-Soudan, Christophe Pitrey, Matthieu Roy, Françoise Sailhan, Michel Simatic, Alexandre Topol and Emanuel Zaza.
13. Intelligent Transportation Systems, Mikael Desertot, Sylvain Lecomte, Christophe Gransart and Thierry Delot.
14. Sociotechnical Ambient Systems: From Test Scenario to Scientific Obstacles, Georges Da Costa, Jean-Pierre Georgé, and Marie-Pierre Gleizes.

About the authors/editors

Gaëlle Calvary is Professor in Computer Science at the Grenoble Institute of Technology (Grenoble INP) in France. She is deputy director of the Laboratory of Informatics of Grenoble, and in charge of the “Digital society” multidisciplinary innovation program of Grenoble INP.

Thierry Delot has been Associate Professor at the University of Valenciennes in France since 2002. He is a member of the LAMIH research centre (UMR CNRS/UVHC 8201) and an associate researcher at INRIA Lille Nord Europe in the FUN research group.

Florence Sèdes is Professor at the University of Toulouse 3, Paul Sabatier University in France. She is head of the national research network GDR i3 (Information Interacting Intelligence) of the French CNRS.

Jean-Yves Tigli has been Associate Professor at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis in France since 1999. He is currently managing and leading a project called “Continuum” supported by the French national research agency (ANR) to address the challenge of service continuity in dynamic pervasive environments involving various French research centers and international companies.

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