Fatigue of Materials and Structures

Application to Design and Damage

Fatigue of Materials and Structures

Edited by

Claude Bathias, CNAM, France
Andre Pineau, ENSMP, France

ISBN : 9781848212916

Publication Date : January 2011

Hardcover 368 pp

153.00 USD



The design of mechanical structures with predictable and improved durability cannot be achieved without a thorough understanding of the mechanisms of fatigue damage and more specifically the relationships between the microstructure of materials and their fatigue properties.

Written by leading researchers in the field, this book, along with the complementary books Fatigue of Materials and Structures: Fundamentals and Application to Damage and Design (both also edited by Claude Bathias and André Pineau), provides an authoritative, comprehensive and unified treatment of the mechanics and micromechanisms of fatigue in metals, polymers and composites. Each chapter is devoted to one of the major classes of materials or to different types of fatigue damage, thereby providing overall coverage of the field.

This book deals with multiaxial fatigue, thermomechanical fatigue, fretting-fatigue, influence of defects on fatigue life, cumulative damage and damage tolerance, and will be an important and much used reference for students, practicing engineers and researchers studying fracture and fatigue in numerous areas of materials science and engineering, mechanical, nuclear and aerospace engineering.


Foreword, Stephen D. Antolovich.
1. Multiaxial Fatigue, Marc Blétry and Georges Cailletaud.
2. Cumulative Damage, Jean-Louis Chaboche.
3. Damage Tolerance Design, Raphaël Cazes.
4. Defect Influence on the Fatigue Behavior of Metallic
Materials, Gilles Baudry.
5. Fretting Fatigue: Modeling and Applications, Marie-Christine Baietto-Duborg and Trevor Lindley.
6. Contact Fatigue, Ky Dang Van.
7. Thermal Fatigue, Eric Charkaluk and Luc Rémy.

About the authors/editors

Claude Bathias is Emeritus Professor at the University of Paris 10-La Defense. He started his career as a research engineer in the aerospace and military industry where he remained for 20 years before becoming director of the CNRS laboratory ERA 914 at the University of Compiègne. He has launched two international conferences about fatigue: International Conference on the Fatigue of Composite Materials (ICFC) and Very High Cycle Fatigue (VHCF).

André Pineau is Professor at Mines ParisTech and a member of the French Academy of Engineering. He has published about 300 papers in international journals and edited or co-edited 10 books. His main research fields are phase transformations, fatigue and fracture of metallic materials.

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