Applied Metrology for Manufacturing Engineering

Applied Metrology for Manufacturing Engineering

Ammar Grous, CEGEP de l’Outaouais, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

ISBN : 9781848211889

Publication Date : February 2011

Hardcover 704 pp

310.00 USD



Applied Metrology for Manufacturing Engineering takes a different approach from traditional works in this field due to its inclusion of educational features in the text.

It is richly illustrated with tutorials and laboratory models, and is therefore highly accessible to all readers, users, and other non-specialists in the fields of design and manufacturing. Chapters can also be read and understood completely independently of each other.

The book focuses on technical, geometric, and dimensional tolerances as well as mechanical testing and quality control. It also provides references and solved examples to help professionals and teachers to adapt their more general approaches or models to specific real-world or teaching cases.

The contents reflect recent developments in ISO and GPS standards and focus on training that goes hand in hand with practical work dealing with measurement and dimensioning.


1. Fundamentals of Error Analysis and their Uncertainties in Dimensional Metrology Applied to Science and Technology.
2. Fundamentals of Dimensional and Geometrical Tolerances According to ISO, CSA (Canada), and ANSI (USA).
3. Measurement and Controls Using Linear and Angular Standards.
4. Surface Control.
5. Opto-Mechanical Metrology.
6. Control of Surface States.
7. Computer-Aided Metrology CAM.
8. Control of Assembly and Transmission Elements.
9. Control of Materials Hardness Testing.
10. Overall Summary.

About the authors/editors

Ammar Grous is a Doctor (PhD) from University of Haute Alsace in engineering sciences. He is also an engineer in mechanics and holder of a Diploma (DEA) of Height Studies in Engineering of Materials and Technological Processes.