Electromagnetism and Interconnections

Advanced Mathematical Tools for Computer-aided Simulation

Electromagnetism and Interconnections

St├ęphane Charruau, University of Bordeaux I, France

ISBN : 9781848211070

Publication Date : December 2008

Hardcover 312 pp

160.00 USD



This book covers the theoretical problems of modeling the electrical behavior of the interconnections encountered in electronic products that figure in our daily lives. Most electronic products have digital processors that have increasingly tightened inner and outer conductors with smaller and smaller geometries. This means parasitic electromagnetic effects increasingly occur inside and outside these processors, which then cannot work correctly. The aim of this book is to show the theoretical tools of waveform prediction at the design step of a complex and high-speed digital electronic system.

Scientists, research engineers and postgraduate students interested in electromagnetism, microwave theory, electrical engineering or the development of simulation tools software devoted to very high speed electronic system design automation will find this book an illuminating resource.


1. Theoretical Foundations of Electromagnetism.
2. Full Wave Analysis.
3. Electromagnetism in Stratified Media.
4. Transmission Line Equations.
5. Direct Time-domain Methods.
6. Discretization in the Time Domain.
7. Frequency Methods.
8. Time-domain Wavelets.
9. Applications of the Wavelet Method.

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