Connected Innovation and Technology X.0 1

Advancing Digital Transformation: Innovational Strategies for Smart Industry and Sustainable Innovation

Connected Innovation and Technology X.0 1

Edited by

Farouk Yalaoui, UTT, France.
Nhan-Quy Nguyen, UTT, France.
Yassine Ouazene, UTT, France.
Maria Zemzami, University of Mohammed V, Morocco.
Leïla Merghem-Boulahia, UTT, France.

ISBN : 9781786309341

Publication Date : August 2024

Hardcover 290 pp

165.00 USD



Connected Innovation and Technology X.0 1 studies the development of industry and logistics through digital technologies, presenting novel approaches to efficiency and innovation. It highlights the core of Industry X.0, showing how the digital transformation of business models, the focus on human-centric experiences and the application of advanced technologies all drive growth across various fields.

Emphasizing smart supply chain management, performance optimization and sustainable solutions, the book provides insights into using Industry X.0 technologies to enhance supply chain sustainability, network security, and innovation in the manufacturing, healthcare and energy sectors. By integrating lean methodologies, advanced planning and the latest tech solutions, it serves as an efficient resource, not only for professionals, but also for students who seek to map digital transformation complexities and seize the opportunities given to develop future-oriented business models and achieve operational excellence.


Part 1. Innovations in Production and Smart Supply Chain Management.
1. Supply Chain Views from an Industry 4.0 Perspective, Ghita Bouchtaoui, Lamia Hammadi, Ridha Derrouiche, Roberta Costa-Affonso and Abdessamad El Ballouti.
2. A Bibliometric Analysis of the Integration of Lean and Industry 4.0 in the Sustainable Supply Chain, Assiya Zahid, Lamia Hammadi, Patrice Leclaire, Roberta Costa-Affonso and Abdessamad El Ballouti.
3. Integrated Strategy for Condition-Based Maintenance, Production and Quality Control in Manufacturing Systems, Dorsaf Daldoul and Nadia Bahria.
4. Optimizing Energy Efficiency in a Two-Level Supply Chain Model with Shortage Consideration, Hong-Nguyen Nguyen, Matthieu Godichaud and Lionel Amodeo.
5. Advanced Planning and Scheduling in Off-Site Construction, Amin Chaabane, Nadia Bahria and Salim Hedfi.

Part 2. Performance Evaluation and Optimization for Industry X.0.
6. Performance Evaluation of Networking Protocols for Industrial Internet of Things, Samira Chouikhi, Leïla Merghem-Boulahia, Moez Essghir and Nur Binti Rahmat.
7. Navigating Toward Enhanced Security and Resilience in 5G and 6G Network Architectures, Atiq Ahmed, Ihsan Ullah, Leïla Merghem-Boulahia, Dominique Gaiti and Guy Pujolle.
8. New Technique for Selecting Key Metaheuristic Parameters: Case Study on the SAR Metaheuristic Algorithm, Hakima Reddad, Maria Zemzami, Nhan-Quy Nguyen, Norelislam El Hami and Nabil Hmina.
9. Precedence-Based and Time-Indexed Formulations for the Flexible Job Shop Scheduling with Machine Availability Constraints, Tom Perroux, Taha Arbaoui and Leïla Merghem-Boulahia.
10. Multi-Criteria Approach Using Discrete Event Simulation to Balance Staff Workload and Reduce Patient Wait Time: An Emergency Department Case Study, Dorsaf Daldoul.

Part 3. Sustainable and Efficient Solutions Design.
11. Automatic Weed Detection Using YOLOv5 Object Detector, Mohammed Habib, Salma Sekhra, Adil Tannouche and Youssef Ounejjar.
12. Energy Management of Smart Buildings in the Era of Connected Innovation and Technology, Lotfi Derradji, Chaima Magraoui, Amel Limam, Abdelouahab Bouttout and Abdelatif Merabtine.
13. The Relevance of Frugal Innovation for Sustainability: The Case of Developing a Solution for Water Scarcity, Luis Miguel López Santiago.
14. Finite Element Analysis of the Tensile Stiffness of Additive Manufactured Triply Periodic Minimal Surface Lattices, Mohamed Abouelmajd, Issam El Khadiri, Ismail Ezzaraa, Maria Zemzami, Ismail Arroub, Manuel Lagache, Ahmed Bahlaloui, Nabil Hmina and Soufiane Belhouideg.
15. Enhancing Heat Dissipation Using Optimized TPMS Designs in Additive Manufacturing, Issam El Khadiri, Mohamed Abouelmajd, Maria Zemzami, Manuel Lagache, Nabil Hmina and Soufiane Belhouideg.

About the authors/editors

Farouk Yalaoui is Full Professor at UTT, France. He specializes in optimization and industrial engineering, and is a founding member of the Algerian Academy of Sciences and Technologies.

Nhan-Quy Nguyen is a researcher at UTT, France. He specializes in optimizing complex systems, with applications in logistics, healthcare and energy management.

Yassine Ouazene is Associate Professor at UTT, France. He specializes in combinatorial optimization and operations research, and his research focuses on production systems, manufacturing design and smart pricing.

Maria Zemzami is Professor at Université Mohammed V, Morocco. She specializes in software engineering, cloud computing and network security, and her research focuses on information system interoperability and optimization algorithms.

Leïla Merghem-Boulahia is Full Professor at UTT, France, and the head of the ISIFT. Her main research interests include multi-agent systems, quality of service, smart grids, the IoT and the IIoT.