Evolution of the Pyrenees during the Variscan and Alpine Cycles 1

Variscan Cycle and Cretaceous Rifting

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Evolution of the Pyrenees during the Variscan and Alpine Cycles 1

Edited by

Nicolas Saspiturry, University of Montpellier, France.
Jessica Uzel, AngloGold Ashanti, Australia.
Alexandre Ortiz, BRGM, France.

ISBN : 9781789451245

Publication Date : August 2024

Hardcover 336 pp

165.00 USD



Evolution of the Pyrenees during the Variscan and Alpine Cycles 1 presents the evolution of geological knowledge of the Pyrenees as a result of major scientific research programs in the early 21st century.

This book, dedicated to the Variscan cycle and Cretaceous rifting, traces the evolution of the Pyrenean domain between 340 Ma and 90 Ma. It begins with an analysis of the state of knowledge of the Pyrenean basement, whose structure is inherited from the Variscan evolution of this domain. It then traces the kinematic evolution of the western Mediterranean domain since the Paleozoic. Finally, it discusses the evolution of our knowledge of Cretaceous rifting and the sedimentary and metasomatic processes associated with the individualization of the Iberian–Eurasian plate boundary.


1. Tectonics and Geodynamics of the Variscan Cycle in the Pyrenees, Bryan Cochelin, Charles Gumiaux, Benjamin Le Bayon, Yoann Denèle and Thierry Baudin.
2. Structure and Texture of Pb-Zn Mineralization: Example of a Multiscale Study in the Pyrenees to Constrain One-forming Processes and Critical Metals Mobility, Alexandre Cugerone, Bénédicte Cenki, Émilien Oliot and Manuel Muñoz.
3. Meso-Cenozoic Kinematics of Western Europe Applied to the Pyrenean Domain, Paul Angrand and Frédéric Mouthereau.
4. Sedimentary Breccias Synextension in the North-Eastern Pyrenees, Tarik Kernif, Thierry Nalpas, Romain Bousquet and Roman Chelalou.
5. The North Pyrenean Zone: Hyper-thinned Rift Crust and Exhumed Mantle, Yves Lagabrielle.
6. The Bay of Biscay Opening in the Frame of the Iberian-European Plate Boundary Formation, Julie Tugend and Isabelle Thinon.
7. The Trimouns Talc-Chlorite Deposit, Michel de Saint Blanquat, Philippe de Parseval, Alexandre Boutin, Benoit Quesnel and Marc Poujol.

About the authors/editors

Nicolas Saspiturry is a teacher-researcher specializing in the tectonic-sedimentary and thermal evolution of sedimentary basins. He has devoted much of his work to the Pyrenees.

Jessica Uzel has a doctorate in geology and a degree in life, earth and universe sciences. She specializes in the post-compressive evolution of the Pyrenean domain.

Alexandre Ortiz has a doctorate in geology. He specializes in the syn- to post-compressive evolution of the North Pyrenean foreland basin.

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