Next Generation of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

SCIENCES - Mobile and Wireless Networks

Next Generation of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Keunwoo Lim, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, France.

ISBN : 9781789451771

Publication Date : August 2024

Hardcover 272 pp

165.00 USD



This book helps readers to understand the past (overview of technologies), current (how they are evolving) and the future (adaptation to new trends) of two representative communication technologies, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are technologies that are very familiar to us in our everyday lives. However, these technologies have evolved throughout the years to meet the continuously changing demands of users. Evolution of these technologies can be difficult to understand, even for professionals in the field of computer science and engineering, due to the extensiveness and complexity of written documents (technical standards and specifications are not very reader-friendly!).

Next Generation of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi summarizes the key functions of Wi Fi and Bluetooth to show how they adapt to new environments and requirements. We introduce the new concepts that allow them to shift into the new paradigm of IoT and beyond, and we propose ideas and insights on how they could also possibly evolve in the future, integrated with other fascinating technologies.


1. Wireless Communications using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Part 1. Wi-Fi: Advancements in IEEE 802.11.
2. Functional Overview of Wi-Fi.
3. Wi-Fi Specifications.
4. Next Generation of Wi-Fi.

Part 2. Bluetooth.
5. Functional Overview of Bluetooth.
6. Bluetooth Core Specification.

Part 3. Integration and Applications.
7. Potential of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in 5G/6G.
8. Application Specific Issue – Localization.

About the authors/editors

Keunwoo Lim is Associate Professor in Telecom Paris, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, France. He is devoted to research and teaching in wireless communication and networking, and their practical experimentation in the field of IoT and future applications.