Al, Healthcare and Law

Al, Healthcare and Law

Edited by

Guilhem Julia, Sorbonne Paris Nord University, France.
Anne Fauchon, Sorbonne Paris Nord University, France.
Rushed Kanawati, Sorbonne Paris Nord University, France.

ISBN : 9781786309099

Publication Date : August 2024

Hardcover 222 pp

165.00 USD



In a fully digitized world and hyper-connected society, artificial intelligence (AI) is developing more and more each day. In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, it seems appropriate to examine the real or imagined progress of AI in terms of human health.

Like artificial intelligence, health is a field that involves a wide range of research disciplines. In order to better define and understand these social and technical developments, Al, Healthcare and Law brings together the thoughts and analyses of doctors, lawyers, economists and computer scientists.

Through a wide range of original overviews of the issues involved, the book addresses questions such as the development of telemedicine, the use of medical data, the increased human perspective or medical ethics, and takes a multi-disciplinary and accessible approach to questioning the relationship between humans and computers, between the intimate and the machine.


Part 1. Artificial Intelligence to Support Diagnosis.
1. Healthcare Applications, Anne Cammilleri.
2. Behavioral Insurance: The Latest Trick of Capitalism? Philippe Batifoulier and Nicolas Da Silva.
3. Artificial Intelligence and Health: Description of the Ecosystem Required for an Effective Use of AI, Thomas Lefèvre.

Part 2. Artificial Intelligence at the Service of Healthcare.
4. Legal Liability of Companion Robots, Guilhem Julia.
5. From Computer-assisted Surgery to AI-guided Surgery, Thomas Grégory, Younès Bennani and Charles Dacheux.
6. Detection of Anatomical Structures and Lesions in Hand Surgery Through the Use of Artificial Intelligence, Léo Déchaumet, Younès Bennani, Joseph Karkazan, Nosseiba Ben Salem, Abir Barbara, Charles Dacheux and Thomas Grégory.
7. Surgical Diagnosis Augmented by Artificial Intelligence, Nosseiba Ben Salem, Younès Bennani, Joseph Karkazan, Léo Déchaumet, Abir Barbara, Charles Dacheux and Thomas Grégory.

About the authors/editors

Guilhem Julia is Lecturer at Sorbonne Paris Nord University, France, and Co-Vice-Dean of research at the Faculty of Law.

Anne Fauchon is Senior Lecturer (HDR) at Sorbonne Paris Nord University, France, and Dean of the Faculty of Law, Political and Social Sciences.

Rushed Kanawati is Lecturer and Researcher in Computer Science at Sorbonne Paris Nord University, France, specializing in Machine Learning and Complex Network Analysis.