New Frontiers of Customer Strategy

Managing Sustainable, Environmental and Ethical Transitions

New Frontiers of Customer Strategy

Edited by

Thierry Delécolle, De Vinci Higher Education, France.
Florence Jacob, Nantes University (IAE Nantes), France.
Isabelle Prim-Allaz, Lumière Lyon 2 University, France.

ISBN : 9781786308504

Publication Date : July 2024

Hardcover 278 pp

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Digital transformation has shaped a new landscape for companies and their customers, offering companies a wealth of data with which to develop customer knowledge. However, this evolution is just one of many transformations in customer marketing within an increasingly complex reality, thrown into turmoil by environmental and social changes.

New frontiers in customer relations strategies are thus being drawn, some in new territories grounded in efforts to preserve scarce resources, while others are built on expectations of social responsibility. These profound societal changes also reveal darker frontiers, where companies have insufficient ethical considerations for vulnerable customers, or merely react to changes in legislation.

New Frontiers of Customer Strategy offers practitioners, lecturers and students an up-to-date reflection on the role of customer relations now and in the future, to keep pace with environmental, digital, inclusive and ethical issues, as well as organizational governance.


1. How Can Customer Relations and Sufficiency Be Reconciled? A Reflection on the Consumption of Second-hand Goods, Valérie Guillard.
2. Customer Relationships and Sustainable Development in the Retail Sector, Sarah Lasri, Lionel Nicod and Valérie Renaudin.
3. Corporate Social Responsibility and Loyalty, Didier Louis, Cindy Lombart and Nathalie Fleck.
4. Reinventing Loyalty Programs in the CSR Age: Moving toward Prosocial Loyalty Programs, Loubaba Belaoud, Aïda Mimouni-Chaabane and Béatrice Parguel.
5. Toward Greater Sufficiency in Customer Relationships, Jean-Baptiste Welté, Virginie Pez and Isabelle Dabadie.
6. Metaverse Opportunities for Customer Relations, Catherine Lejealle and Thierry Delécolle.
7. Towards Transparent and Parsimonious Customer Data Collection, Tom Villenet, Thierry Delécolle and Grégoire Bothorel.
8. From Persuasion to Customer Manipulation: The Role of Dark Patterns, Florence Jacob, Jeoffrey Drouard, Séverine Erhel, Marianne Lumeau and Raphaël Suire.
9. Digital Consumption and Inclusion, Léa Cauchard.
10. Improving Effective Accessibility of Products and Services for Vulnerable Customers, Pierre Volle and Sylvie Llosa.
11. The Patient Experience, Stéphanie Verfay.
12. Adopting Ethical Sales Behavior, Eric Julienne.
13. Customer Relationships as a Factor of Resistance: The Case of Smart Feedback Tools, Françoise Simon and Virginie Schweitzer.
14. Customer Relations in the Social and Solidarity Economy, Hajar El Karmouni and Alix Poels.
15. Purpose Corporations and Customer Strategy: Toward a Strategy of Customer Education and Empowerment? Isabelle Prim-Allaz and Martine Séville.
16. Complex Customer Experience Management with Multi-stakeholders, Amélie Martin.

About the authors/editors

Thierry Delécolle is a doctor in management science and Deputy Managing Director at De Vinci Higher Education, France.

Florence Jacob is an associate professor at the School of Economics and Management of Nantes University (IAE Nantes), France.

Isabelle Prim-Allaz is a full professor at Lumière Lyon 2 University, France.